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  1. Hello! I went to the Findlay Ohio Pet Supplies Plus tonight. I went in to purchase food for my indoor cat, as well as to find an outdoor house for a cat that has been sleeping on my porch. The store did not sell winterized cat houses, but the worker who waited on me (Sara) did not stop with the fact that the store did not sell the item I needed. She assessed what the store did have, and found a solution for me. She also helped me find the right kind of food to feed this feral or stray cat (something high in protein) and gave me ideas on ways to help the cat stay warm. I left feeling like I finally had found a way to help this stray, and it was due to the fact that you have an employee (Sara) who went the extra mile. You now have a very happy - and loyal customer. THANK YOU!

  2. I am the district manager for a group of 10 franchise stores. I've been in the business for 20+ years but one of my teams just did something that gave me goose bumps...

    One of team Owosso's long-time and regular neighbors walked in and was immediately greeted with "How are you today?" The neighbor burst into tears. She had just cashed both her and her husband's social security checks, paid bills and was left with $60. This neighbor was going to use the $60 to buy food for her cats...leaving little to nothing for her and her husband. Before the neighbor finished explaining why she was upset to STL Julie Wieler, team members began pulling cash out of their pockets and wallets. When the neighbor finished speaking with Julie, all that was left to be done was load the goods and exchange sad tears for grateful ones. I am very proud of this team for many reasons, but most of all for what they did for their neighbor today.