Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Deer Park, New York Team Member Couldn't Sell Neighbor What She Wanted (and Won Her as a Neighbor For Life)

Sometimes the right supplies for our neighbors and pet parents aren't always the ones we sell!  Alberto in our Deer Park location saw an opportunity to help one of our neighbors with a crate used for item displays, and she wrote to tell us what it meant to her and Lady, her aging Jack Russell terrier:

Several months ago, probably back in March 2016, I visited your store in search of an elevated food bowl(s). My Lady (Jack Russell) was almost 17 years old. She was frail and weak. She would often fall into the bowls. She needed precisely the right height bowls so that she could comfortably feed . I measured and I knew what was needed. None of your products were the right height. I tried building my own stuff at home as well, with no luck. I searched other stores with no luck. It was heart-breaking seeing my Lady like this. We continued to help Lady as best we could. 

Your store did have something that was the correct height. It was the wooden storage bins that you display your products in. I spoke with Alberto and asked if I could purchase it. He was unsure and consulted with his boss. He did several things that morning, trying to find solutions for my Lady. He came back to me after talking with his boss and said that they could not sell me the storage bin, BUT wanted to give it to me in order to help Lady. My heart just filled with gratefulness and joy. I actually cried on the way home, as I felt we had finally found something to help her. It did. She was able to feed and not fall into the bowls. It made her remaining days more comfortable. For that, I am so eternally grateful. Alberto and his boss, that day, showed a simple act of compassion and kindness that I have not forgotten. Lady passed away on May 5. It was a horrible time, as we had lost our other 14 1/2 year old Jack Russell in October, 2015. My heart will never forget his effort and kindness. We recently adopted two Jack Russell puppies and you will have us as customers. Thank you, Alberto! 

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