Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wall, New Jersey Team Doesn't Monkey Around When A Little Girl Loses Her Toy!

Our district team leaders often contact us with stories of magical moments they witness in their stores.  This quick note from Jeff in New Jersey falls right into this category - and the story definitely has a little bit of magic!

The young girl in the picture is Olivia.  Olivia and her mom were in shopping at PSP this morning.  Around 2:00 PM, Olivia and her mom came back into the store, and Olivia was crying her eyes out.  While they were out running errands today, Olivia had dropped and lost her favorite stuffed monkey, and they went all over looking for it.  Unfortunately they were unsuccessful. We helped Mom and Olivia look all over the store, but had no luck.  The team members could see how sad Olivia was, so they brought her over to see the fish, the birds, the hamsters, and the ferrets.  (She fell in love with the ferrets.) 

In the meantime, the managers and I got together, and we decided to purchase a monkey that we sell at our store for Olivia to see if that would help make her smile again.  As you can see from the picture, between her new monkey, and the ferrets, we got Olivia to smile and be happy again.  Mom thanked us a hundred times and could not have been more appreciative of what we had done for her daughter. 

Really great work today by everyone in Wall, New Jersey!

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