Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wall, New Jersey Team Doesn't Monkey Around When A Little Girl Loses Her Toy!

Our district team leaders often contact us with stories of magical moments they witness in their stores.  This quick note from Jeff in New Jersey falls right into this category - and the story definitely has a little bit of magic!

The young girl in the picture is Olivia.  Olivia and her mom were in shopping at PSP this morning.  Around 2:00 PM, Olivia and her mom came back into the store, and Olivia was crying her eyes out.  While they were out running errands today, Olivia had dropped and lost her favorite stuffed monkey, and they went all over looking for it.  Unfortunately they were unsuccessful. We helped Mom and Olivia look all over the store, but had no luck.  The team members could see how sad Olivia was, so they brought her over to see the fish, the birds, the hamsters, and the ferrets.  (She fell in love with the ferrets.) 

In the meantime, the managers and I got together, and we decided to purchase a monkey that we sell at our store for Olivia to see if that would help make her smile again.  As you can see from the picture, between her new monkey, and the ferrets, we got Olivia to smile and be happy again.  Mom thanked us a hundred times and could not have been more appreciative of what we had done for her daughter. 

Really great work today by everyone in Wall, New Jersey!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Owosso, Michigan Team Members Help a Neighbor In Need

Team members with hearts of gold - they can be found working in our stores very regularly.  The Owosso team stepped up when they were presented with an opportunity to help a neighbor in need.  Their district manager Elissa wrote to tell us what she saw:

One of team Owosso's long-time and regular neighbors walked in and was immediately greeted with "How are you today?" The neighbor burst into tears. She had just cashed both her and her husband's social security checks, paid bills and was left with $60. This neighbor was going to use the $60 to buy food for her cats...leaving little to nothing for her and her husband. Before the neighbor finished explaining why she was upset to the store team leader, Julie, team members began pulling cash out of their pockets and wallets. When the neighbor finished speaking with Julie, all that was left to be done was load the goods and exchange sad tears for grateful ones. I am very proud of this team for many reasons, but most of all for what they did for their neighbor today.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ballwin, Missouri Team Impresses New Mom of a German Shepard Puppy

A reviewer on Yelp sang the praises of our Ballwin, Missouri store, operated by John and Jeanne Sullivan.  She loved their expertise on food and treats for a German Shepard puppy...and all the other great things they do in the community:

Pet Supplies Plus is seriously a life saver. They are absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier with their selection, services, and customer service. 

I am a pet mama to two kitties and a new German Shepard puppy.. Practically a zoo at my house, so things can be a little crazy... but the employees have made things easier for us. 

I have been a crazy cat lady my whole life so I don't know a ton about dog products, and they really helped my fiance and I get some good, healthy food and treats for our puppy. The associate literally walked through the whole store with us and went through her recommendations for our breed of dog. She was honest, and didn't just recommend products that were expensive just for sales. She went through ingredients of the food, helped us compare, and even gave us a sample to take to our puppy to make sure she liked it before we bought a whole bag. It's so important to us to feed our babies healthy ingredient dog and cat foods. I can't imagine feeding our pets anything with by-products, gluten-meal, etc. If you wouldn't eat it, why feed it to your pet? Okay, so done with my rant... Basically... we spend a lot of money on our pets so it's important to us that we found a place that we can trust their opinion... And Pet Supplies Plus is that place.

Another thing I love about Pet Supplies Plus is that they pay for the food for the local police K9s... I mean, how cool is that? And they also give a discount to police and military. Gotta support that. They even have a groomer and vets there every Tuesday evening. We brought our younger cat here for his shots and they were great with him. Just make sure you get there right when they begin, or you'll have to stand in a long line. We do have a vet, but it is just so much cheaper going to their clinic. I am very excited to meet the groomer, because I have heard nothing but good things about her. 

The prices are better than the competitors, the employees are extremely knowledgeable, caring, and want to help you. Couldn't be happier in a pet store!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Upper Arlington, Ohio Team Leader is Dog Nutrition Wizard!

Our neighbor service representative Lauren handles a lot of calls every day, and she particularly liked this one that came in from a new Redford Naturals user.  Lauren told us:

Our neighbor called in to say how thankful she is for the team at this store; especially manager Cyndi. The neighbor has five rescue dogs who all have allergy problems and the neighbor has had such a hard time finding dog foods that fit their specific needs. Cyndi is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and has worked very hard to help the neighbor find the right foods for each of her fur kids. The neighbor has switched all of her dogs' foods with the help of Cyndi and her dogs are now thriving! Each animal has a different diet but the base for her dogs is a mix of Redford Naturals Salmon and Lamb varieties; and her dogs LOVE it.  

On every visit Cyndi and her team provide the neighbor with the best service she has ever received. The neighbor has worked in management all her life and could not be more impressed with this team. She says the younger team members are always so polite and focused, and they always insist in carrying out her items. The neighbor is so appreciative of this as she does have an illness that sometimes makes it hard for her to carry large items. The neighbor also wanted to comment on how clean and organized this store is, and that all of the animals look so healthy and happy! She wants us to know what an outstanding store this is; she drives 30 minutes out of her way to shop here even though there is a another pet store 2 minutes from her home. She will be a neighbor for life! 

Those are always great calls to receive - thank you, Lauren, for sharing this story with us!