Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jackson, Michigan, Team Member Does Our Neighbor's Shopping

Our neighbor Cheryl wrote to us about her experience...or should we say her husband's experience?...with our Jackson, Michigan location.  Just when she thought her husband was going to help her out with her shopping, Jackson team member took that shopping list and ran with it over the finish line:

One day recently, I was unable to do my normal shopping. I had to send my husband in with a list, thinking that he would get the cat food. I was buying ten cases of Friskies cat food. I didn't know until much later that what he had done was walk in and hand the list to Drew and told him to get the food! Drew is an exceptional employee and a person! He did this for my husband with out any problems whatsoever. I never expected that type of service and I think he went above and beyond what was required of a employee! When I tried to thank him he told me that I had made it easy for him by sending in a detailed list. ALL of the employees at the PSP #12 store are very friendly and good with people. You can ask any of them for help and they will gladly help! You should use this store as a model for the kind of store a PSP store is.

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