Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Preschool Students Get a Classy, Educational Experience in Wooster, Ohio

Our neighbor Monica wanted to teach her preschool class about pet ownership, and Wooster, Ohio team member Krissy offered to show the class around.  This is what Monica had to say about the experience:

Look how those ferrets love Krissy!
I wanted to say what a wonderful experience we had at the Wooster Pet Supplies Plus. I am the lead teacher of a preschool head start program. A few weeks ago the children in our class were learning about pets. The children asked if we could purchase an additional pet for our classroom. They wanted a friend for our betta fish. I first called Petco in our area. They explained that we would have to do a self led tour and that someone would help our class if someone was available. My co-teacher, Danielle, offered to contact Pet Supplies Plus. I expected the same answer to our inquiry as with the other pet store. Danielle contacted Krissy. Krissy said they would be more than pleased to show our class around. She asked how large our class was and what we wanted from the trip. Danielle explained that we were looking to purchase a pet hamster and the children had some questions on how to care for the hamster. 

The day of our field trip arrived and our excited children were greeted at the door by the staff at PSP. The PSP staff had made a poster to welcome our class. Krissy showed us all the fish, snakes, mice (with new babies), birds, ferrets, and so many other things. She walked us to the hamster supply area. She helped us pick out a bowl, bedding, and food for our new friend. She asked more about what we wanted and recommended which hamster we should purchase. As we left, the staff gave each child a "goodie bag" with a stencil, balloon, and small candy treats. I cannot express how much we loved this trip! Having your store invaded by a class of preschoolers is probably not everyone's idea of a good time, but Krissy and the staff were helpful and welcoming. 

Thank you so much! 
Monica Mease and the Wooster 3 Staff 

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