Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Dog With An Opinion About the Westbury, New York Team (and it's a good one!)

If pets are a good judge of character, then we are all for Luna's final decision on the competition!  Our neighbor Audrey wrote to tell us about her great relationship with the folks at the Westbury, New York store:

Luna loves this team!!
I wanted to take this opportunity to email you regarding the staff at the Westbury Pet Supplies Plus. I spend quite a bit of money on my animals and only give them the best of the best and that is how I feel about your staff at the Westbury store. From manager Ally to each and every team member here I believe I get the best service and best experience every time me and my dog Luna come here. Since the day 1 brought her in over three years ago...well, at 6 months she was a petrified pup, but Ally and everyone else went above and beyond welcoming her into the store.  Now she goes charging in! If she hears a voice she knows from an employee she will drag me to the aisle that they are working in to say hi. It's to the point that Luna will not go into any of your competition stores because she will not get the attention, She will actually drag me out of your competition's store. I wanted to say thank you so much for this staff!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Preschool Students Get a Classy, Educational Experience in Wooster, Ohio

Our neighbor Monica wanted to teach her preschool class about pet ownership, and Wooster, Ohio team member Krissy offered to show the class around.  This is what Monica had to say about the experience:

Look how those ferrets love Krissy!
I wanted to say what a wonderful experience we had at the Wooster Pet Supplies Plus. I am the lead teacher of a preschool head start program. A few weeks ago the children in our class were learning about pets. The children asked if we could purchase an additional pet for our classroom. They wanted a friend for our betta fish. I first called Petco in our area. They explained that we would have to do a self led tour and that someone would help our class if someone was available. My co-teacher, Danielle, offered to contact Pet Supplies Plus. I expected the same answer to our inquiry as with the other pet store. Danielle contacted Krissy. Krissy said they would be more than pleased to show our class around. She asked how large our class was and what we wanted from the trip. Danielle explained that we were looking to purchase a pet hamster and the children had some questions on how to care for the hamster. 

The day of our field trip arrived and our excited children were greeted at the door by the staff at PSP. The PSP staff had made a poster to welcome our class. Krissy showed us all the fish, snakes, mice (with new babies), birds, ferrets, and so many other things. She walked us to the hamster supply area. She helped us pick out a bowl, bedding, and food for our new friend. She asked more about what we wanted and recommended which hamster we should purchase. As we left, the staff gave each child a "goodie bag" with a stencil, balloon, and small candy treats. I cannot express how much we loved this trip! Having your store invaded by a class of preschoolers is probably not everyone's idea of a good time, but Krissy and the staff were helpful and welcoming. 

Thank you so much! 
Monica Mease and the Wooster 3 Staff 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Neighborly, Knowledgeable Service Sets Fairview, Ohio Store Apart from the Pack

A note from our neighbor Kayla really put a smile on our faces.  We have PSP team members who go out of their way to impact people's lives, but sometimes it's the little things that mean the most.  Kayla told us about her experience visiting the Fairview, Ohio store a few weeks back:

Hello! I am contacting you today to share a very pleasant experience, actually experiences, I have had at one of your stores. I have been to your Fairview Park location twice in the last few days for our puppy, Khloe. At first, we were coming to your stores because it was the only pet store that carried Diamond food. But today my visit to your store was to change our food, even with this, I will continue my shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. Today and last Friday, I was assisted by a young man named Joe. He is by far the most helpful and knowledgeable person I have ever run across in a pet store. He was so kind and attentive to what my concerns were. He had a lot of great suggestions and wanted to make sure I was getting the best option for my puppy. Today, as he was showing me to the collars, while holding my cans of pumpkin, he briefly stopped to assist an older woman put a box of litter into her cart. He then quickly grabbed the cans and apologized to me for stopping, obviously I explained that wasn't necessary. I want to thank you for training and hiring, Joe, he is a great asset to your team! Have a good day!