Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Parma, Ohio Team Takes Care of Dog and Owner in a Time of Need

Neighbor Pam and her fur baby Toby wrote to tell us how much she appreciated Miranda, Andy and Amanda in our Parma, Ohio (Pleasant Valley) store.  Turns out, both she and her dog ended up needing a little attention.  She wrote to tell us about the episode...

Hello, I'm writing to you to let you know what a wonderful staff you have at your Parma store. I had gone in to get my dog Toby microchipped. I had to put him in a shopping cart because he has trouble walking on the tile floor. He is quite big and I thought he would be fine but that was not the case. His pads on his front feet had slipped through the small holes in the shopping cart. The staff was quick to help me and free him from this most unexpected nightmare. 

While I was getting Toby out of the cart my back had gone into a spasm . I could not breath and was in quite a bit of pain. The staff was so helpful and caring not only for my dog Toby but for me as well. They called the emergency squad and got me ice for my back. They really helped me in a true time of need. I wanted you to know how thankful I am and express how grateful am for Miranda, Andy and Amanda. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Pam and Toby

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