Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Grab 'n' Go Carry Out Dazzles Neighbors in Amherst, New York and Warren, Michigan

The Grab 'n' Go automatic carry out continues to set Pet Supplies Plus apart from the competition.  We've received notes from two neighbors who were particularly appreciative of our teams' efforts.  Neighbor Ann is Amherst, New York wrote:

Hello, just wanted to bring to your attention how amazing people you have working for you in Amherst, NY. I went to the store today to pick up some cat litter and cat food after exhausting day at work. When I walked in to the store the girl at the cash register greeted me with a smile. When I continued my way into the store, a gentleman pushing a cart greeted me as well and asked if I needed help with anything. When I got to the shelf with the cat litter, another young man runs to me and takes the litter box to the cash register for me. This same young man is waiting me at the check out and carries all my purchases to my car. I just want to thank all these exceptional employees of yours, they really made my day! There is only one pet store where I will be shopping after today and I will recommend your store on Niagara Falls Boulevard to everyone I know. THANK YOU!!!!! :) 

The Warren, Michigan team has their Grab 'n' Go on, too, and neighbor Jason was grateful for the help when he walked in with an injured shoulder, holding his 11-month-old daughter.  He told us:

I wanted to let you know what an awesome store you have and such wonderful employees at your store in Warren, Michigan. I came in out of a rain storm I had just hurt my shoulder and had my 11 month old daughter with me. I had asked one of the employees if they could help me out with some cat litter as I felt a little embarrassed being a big strong male. The employee said no problem brought the cat litter up to the register and wheeled it to my van. He loaded up while moving a stroller over and rearranging some groceries. He made a wonderful comment about my daughter and mentioned he was a dad too. This meant a lot to me. In a world where so much negativity is so overpowering I want you to know I appreciate your story and the wonderful employees that work there. Thanks again and have a great day! 

Keep those automatic carry outs coming, teams, they really make a difference!

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