Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cicero, New York Team Member Wins a Neighbor for Life With Good Service

Our neighbor Kim took a moment to praise team member Ben in our Cicero, New York store.  The neighborly assistance he offered set us apart from the competition and won a neighbor for life.  Kim told us the story:

About a year ago I took my dachshund into your Cicero location and had him fitted for a harness. I do not remember the girl's name that helped us but she was very patient, knowledgeable and kind. Today,  I took my dog to Petsmart to get a better harness as he has short legs and gets out of everything I have tried with him. The nylon on the harness caused sores on his chest. At Petsmart, I waited twenty minutes for someone to help me and still got no help, I walked out and thought, the people at Pet Supplies Plus are much nicer! 

I drove ten miles in the opposite direction and so glad I did. I walked in, went to the leash aisle and wasn't there two minutes when Ben asked if he could help. He was very patient, very kind and very knowledgeable as was the girl in our past experience. To often people send complaints but don't think about the good experiences. I just wanted to take a moment and give Ben the recognition he deserves. I have never experienced nicer employees in any establishment and I will never shop at another pet store beside yours again. Thank you so much to Ben and all your wonderful employees! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Grab 'n' Go Carry Out Dazzles Neighbors in Amherst, New York and Warren, Michigan

The Grab 'n' Go automatic carry out continues to set Pet Supplies Plus apart from the competition.  We've received notes from two neighbors who were particularly appreciative of our teams' efforts.  Neighbor Ann is Amherst, New York wrote:

Hello, just wanted to bring to your attention how amazing people you have working for you in Amherst, NY. I went to the store today to pick up some cat litter and cat food after exhausting day at work. When I walked in to the store the girl at the cash register greeted me with a smile. When I continued my way into the store, a gentleman pushing a cart greeted me as well and asked if I needed help with anything. When I got to the shelf with the cat litter, another young man runs to me and takes the litter box to the cash register for me. This same young man is waiting me at the check out and carries all my purchases to my car. I just want to thank all these exceptional employees of yours, they really made my day! There is only one pet store where I will be shopping after today and I will recommend your store on Niagara Falls Boulevard to everyone I know. THANK YOU!!!!! :) 

The Warren, Michigan team has their Grab 'n' Go on, too, and neighbor Jason was grateful for the help when he walked in with an injured shoulder, holding his 11-month-old daughter.  He told us:

I wanted to let you know what an awesome store you have and such wonderful employees at your store in Warren, Michigan. I came in out of a rain storm I had just hurt my shoulder and had my 11 month old daughter with me. I had asked one of the employees if they could help me out with some cat litter as I felt a little embarrassed being a big strong male. The employee said no problem brought the cat litter up to the register and wheeled it to my van. He loaded up while moving a stroller over and rearranging some groceries. He made a wonderful comment about my daughter and mentioned he was a dad too. This meant a lot to me. In a world where so much negativity is so overpowering I want you to know I appreciate your story and the wonderful employees that work there. Thanks again and have a great day! 

Keep those automatic carry outs coming, teams, they really make a difference!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Food Glorious Food! Hurst, Texas Neighbor Receives Great Service and Even Better Advice

Neighbor Peggy took time to give the team in our Hurst, Texas store a five-star Yelp! review.  She'd come in needing some guidance about food for her dog...and boy did she get help!  Here's what she posted:

I recently got a dog from a family who could no longer keep him. He was used to eating a very low quality food and I knew that I needed to change his food over to a better quality. After doing my research, I had it narrowed down to about 5 foods. When I walked into PSP, I was greeted by the cashier and as I started walking down the dog food aisle, another associate asked if he could help me. After explaining why I was there, he asked a number of questions about my dog and offered suggestions and provided explanations along the way. Once I settled on a brand and mentioned that I would be getting the smallest bag to ensure my dog would eat this brand, the sales associate got me some samples of the other brands that had been on my list and explained that if my dog just wouldn't eat the food I had purchased to bring it back and they would gladly help me exchange it for another brand. He then talked about the Preferred Pet program and how I would get coupons and even be able to pick out a pet toy at my pet's birthday.  

I loved being able to go into a smaller store and talk to someone who obviously loves and owns a dog who was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. While paying for my purchases, another associate struck up a conversation with me. I was super impressed and will definitely be back.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Parma, Ohio Team Takes Care of Dog and Owner in a Time of Need

Neighbor Pam and her fur baby Toby wrote to tell us how much she appreciated Miranda, Andy and Amanda in our Parma, Ohio (Pleasant Valley) store.  Turns out, both she and her dog ended up needing a little attention.  She wrote to tell us about the episode...

Hello, I'm writing to you to let you know what a wonderful staff you have at your Parma store. I had gone in to get my dog Toby microchipped. I had to put him in a shopping cart because he has trouble walking on the tile floor. He is quite big and I thought he would be fine but that was not the case. His pads on his front feet had slipped through the small holes in the shopping cart. The staff was quick to help me and free him from this most unexpected nightmare. 

While I was getting Toby out of the cart my back had gone into a spasm . I could not breath and was in quite a bit of pain. The staff was so helpful and caring not only for my dog Toby but for me as well. They called the emergency squad and got me ice for my back. They really helped me in a true time of need. I wanted you to know how thankful I am and express how grateful am for Miranda, Andy and Amanda. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Pam and Toby