Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Perfect Toy is the Perfect Color...

Dogs aren't color blind, but they don't see color the way we do.  I remember how much my own lab loved his blue bear (he had a red bear that he never picked up!)  I know that team member Linda in West Chester, Pennsylvania, also understood Allison's need for THE RIGHT COLOR for her yellow lab, and she went above and beyond to find it for her!

I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for the amazing service I recently experienced at your store. I came in looking for a specific color of a toy for my pooch that wasn't in stock. The team member, Linda, went out of her way and had the exact toy Fed-Ex'd to my local store for pick up. She also offered to drive personally to the other store and pick it up on her own time. My family was overwhelmed by her service and we wanted to relay our gratitude. It may seem like a silly thing to request a specific color of a toy for my 10 year old yellow lab but I can assure you she appreciates it more than words. Thanks for making pet ownership such a blessing. Have a great day!


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