Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Stephanie Was the Reason I Stayed!" Says Bollingbrook, Illinois Store's Newest Neighbor

When you combine "neighborly" with a passion for the business, you get an experience like the one a Bollingbrook, Illinois neighbor reported to us.  Team Member Stephanie saw a neighbor quietly headed out the door and took a moment to let him know why Pet Supplies Plus is America's Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store. This is what the neighbor told us:

Stephanie was the reason I stayed!

I just moved to town and wanted to check out the local stores.  I was on my way out the door after a quick look and she insisted your store had the best deals in town.  So I let her give me the rundown and boy am I glad she didn’t let me leave.  I saved money signing up for a card, she helped me dig through my receipts in my wallet to get a jewel coupon and gave me a manufacturer coupon.  She did all this while still answering the phone and saying hi to people walking in.  She thanked me for joining the preferred family, too, which made me chuckle all over.  

All you can tell, she’s passionate about what she does.  Give that girl a raise, I’m sure she’s kept many others from leaving.  I’m not the first!

Stephanie's not letting you leave until you know how great PSP is!

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