Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Stephanie Was the Reason I Stayed!" Says Bollingbrook, Illinois Store's Newest Neighbor

When you combine "neighborly" with a passion for the business, you get an experience like the one a Bollingbrook, Illinois neighbor reported to us.  Team Member Stephanie saw a neighbor quietly headed out the door and took a moment to let him know why Pet Supplies Plus is America's Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store. This is what the neighbor told us:

Stephanie was the reason I stayed!

I just moved to town and wanted to check out the local stores.  I was on my way out the door after a quick look and she insisted your store had the best deals in town.  So I let her give me the rundown and boy am I glad she didn’t let me leave.  I saved money signing up for a card, she helped me dig through my receipts in my wallet to get a jewel coupon and gave me a manufacturer coupon.  She did all this while still answering the phone and saying hi to people walking in.  She thanked me for joining the preferred family, too, which made me chuckle all over.  

All you can tell, she’s passionate about what she does.  Give that girl a raise, I’m sure she’s kept many others from leaving.  I’m not the first!

Stephanie's not letting you leave until you know how great PSP is!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Perfect Toy is the Perfect Color...

Dogs aren't color blind, but they don't see color the way we do.  I remember how much my own lab loved his blue bear (he had a red bear that he never picked up!)  I know that team member Linda in West Chester, Pennsylvania, also understood Allison's need for THE RIGHT COLOR for her yellow lab, and she went above and beyond to find it for her!

I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for the amazing service I recently experienced at your store. I came in looking for a specific color of a toy for my pooch that wasn't in stock. The team member, Linda, went out of her way and had the exact toy Fed-Ex'd to my local store for pick up. She also offered to drive personally to the other store and pick it up on her own time. My family was overwhelmed by her service and we wanted to relay our gratitude. It may seem like a silly thing to request a specific color of a toy for my 10 year old yellow lab but I can assure you she appreciates it more than words. Thanks for making pet ownership such a blessing. Have a great day!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Grand Rapids, Michigan Team Wins a New Neighbor For Life (and Their Dog LOVES His Food!)

Store team leader Rick and his Grand Rapids team really won the heart of our neighbor Emily when she stopped in to get her dog some food and a chew.  She tells the story best:

My daughter and I had THE most phenomenally helpful trip to PSP on Alpine at 4 Mile in Grand Rapids, MI earlier tonight. We did not have our dog with us, but nonetheless were warmly greeted by the cashier, then approached by one of the newer co-managers inquiring what, if anything in particular, he could help us find. 

We went in for a small bag of dog food since I brain-flopped before leaving work where I normally purchase my dog's food. The gentleman was VERY knowledgeable about all of the dog food on the shelves, asked if there were certain ingredients we were looking for or did not want in the food (which is awesome because my dog is allergic to chicken and eats the grain-free, soy-free, whatever whatever food.) When I mentioned to him that our dog was allergic to chicken and has been fed a grain free, soy free, corn free, salmon and pea recipe food because of her chicken allergy, he immediately steered us away from all food with ANY type of fowl-chicken, turkey, duck-and found us a bag of Hills Whitefish & Mixed Veggie food that was about $10. 

Our dog LOVES it. Our only other item of actual business there was to find an elk antler for the dog: she has synthetic Nyla bones but has had an elk antler in the past and, unfortunately, I lost it. The manager took us directly to the aisle where the antlers are kept and, even though truck was delivered this morning, the antlers were almost completely sold out! When I mentioned that our girl is an aggressive chewer I was introduced to 3 very interesting products, 2 of which I purchased. The first was an animal horn of some sort (bison, sheep...I don't remember) which I had never seen before, the 2nd was a product I had actually seen on an episode of the show "Shark Tank," and the 3rd was a digestible Nyla bone, solid as a rock. I was completely intrigued by the horn, obviously, and had every piece of relatable information about it give to me. Sold. I passed on the "Shark Tank" product because I KNOW my dog would devour it in a minute, but also ended up purchasing the edible, digestible Nyla bone because I'd never seen them before and given the rock solid strength of it, it seemed like a good product. 

After choosing the items I'd come in to buy, the manager I was helped by the ENTIRE time asked if I had any other questions or if I had other animals that I needed to purchase anything for. I told him I was pretty confident with what we'd decided on purchasing and thanked him for his help, and he proceeded to shake not only MY hand, which has NEVER happened to me before, but also shook my 7 year old daughter's hand, thanked us for coming in, encouraged us to have fun watching our dog try her new chew toys out, and asked us to please ask him or any other store employee if we needed any help. He was above and beyond helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and focused on us. We also had a chance to encounter two additional sales floor employees who were equally as helpful, as well as the cashier who chatted with us while ringing our items up as though she'd known my daughter and myself for years!!! 

So, corporate gurus of Pet Supplies Plus on Alpine Ave. in Grand Rapids, MI, I hope you and/or the team at that location see this post and proceed in giving yourselves a WELL DESERVED pat on the back!!! I have NEVER felt so important as a customer as I did tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for going above and beyond your job duties. I will no longer be visiting competitor pet stores, as I CLEARLY have found the one place with everything a customer wants and deserves!!!!”