Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dallas, Texas Store Team Leader and Staff Make a Lasting Impression on a New Neighbor

A very happy neighbor left a review for us on Yelp! and we just had to share it, because it says a lot about the quality of service at our Dallas, Texas location.  Store team leader Conor and his fantastic team earned kudos for their paw print behaviors from the second the neighbor walked into the store:

I have never left a review for a store like this, but after my experience today, I feel compelled to do so.  

Conor, with his pups Winnie & Pearl
I can say, without a doubt, that I have never been treated like a more valued customer at any retail store than I was here.  The second I walked in, two female cashiers stopped what they were doing just to greet me and other customers arriving. I strolled over to the dog crates, which were all stored to high to reach.  One cashier saw me looking up at them and immediately called a gentleman named Conor from the back room to assist me.  Conor went above and beyond to help me out.  He didn't just get the crate down and take off.  He asked me why I was purchasing the crate, what other issues I was trying to resolve with my dog, etc.  He escorted me down different isles to provide problem-solving idea, opening boxes of products to let me test them and measure.  Along the way, he personally greeted each patron in every aisle and their pets.  He was like a party host!   Even the guy who rang me up was super nice and took my stuff to my car without me asking.  

I must also mention that the whole store--every single aisle--is immaculate!  Everything is well-stocked, dust-free, and clean.  I was going to take pics but I was being shadowed by Conor-I didn't want to be creepy!  (LOL)

We own a business and value a well-managed workplace: happy employees, excellent processes in place, and tidiness.   This place is a true gem!  I will be a customer for life and will never step a foot into a competitor's store again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Carrollton, Georgia Team Member Provides Needed Guidance for Human Mom of Brand New Pups!

Neighbor Brooke found herself making an emergency stop at the pet store when her dog delivered puppies and then needed immediate medical attention.  Hours-old pups can be very demanding, so she was relieved to find all the help she needed in Jake at our Carrollton location.  She wrote to tell us the story:

I just wanted to let you know about a great employee you have in the Carrollton store. I had just gotten to the store from the animal hospital. I had to admit my dog, who had puppies at home, and needed to keep them warm and feed them until my dog got released. I was still VERY upset and knew it would take me forever to find everything I needed. I went up to the register, told your associate Jake what I needed, and he did the rest. He got someone out of the office to take care of the front, and led me to each thing that I needed and explained everything to me. I can not tell you how much that experience meant to me. Jake is a very valuable employee to your company, and I truly appreciate his efforts on that day. Thanks for have wonderful associated at your stores! I will tell everyone I know, and continue to shop there. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Team Leader Tonya and her Fabulous Dog Wash are a Huge Win for Neighbors in Austin, Texas

Our neighbor L.R. left a great review on Yelp about Austin team leader Tonya and the store's dog wash facilities.  Not only does Tonya and her team keep the dog wash area in tip-top shape, but Tonya went the extra mile to keep our neighbor coming back to address her dirty dog needs!  L.R. told us the story:

My husband and I have 4 dogs that each weigh over 45 lbs, so washing them all at one time is a chore.  We usually stagger the job -- do two one day, two the next -- but this time, had to do them all in one session because we were treating the house and hounds for fleas.

If you go to self-serve dog wash places to bathe your pooch, and want to have the best experience possible at an unbelievable price, go to Pet Supplies Plus (PSP). If you want to pay too much for lousy water pressure with inconsistent temperature, towels so threadbare and small it takes 15 of them to dry your dog, and management who thinks refunding the $10 for the wash makes everything better, go to the competitor.

Here are the great things about Pet Supplies Plus; all are the polar opposite of the competitor experience:
1) Staff is welcoming, courteous and attentive. I brought in two dogs, and paid for the wash, and by the time I got to the back, a staff member had brought back and was folding a hamper full of freshly washed, microfiber-type towels because he saw I'd need a few.
2) Two stations, one high and one low, mean less bending while bathing.
3) Nice long ramp for older dogs to walk up, vs. a short ramp of steps.
4) Water pressure is amazing! As is temperature; no dribbling/hot/TOO HOT/tepid/warm here. Controls very easy to regulate intensity of stream.
5) Shampoo smells good, is thick and lathers well, but also easily rinses out.
6) Towels, as mentioned already, were abundant and thirsty. Only took three or so per dog.
7) Blow dryer reaches easily to both stations, and is powerful!
8) Manager interested in making sure experience was good. As I said, I brought in and paid for two dogs, $10 ea (like the competitor). My husband came in 15 minutes later, helped me finish the first dog, then he took her out to get our other two. He paid for the other two separately. After we finished, we were in the parking lot loading up the hounds, and the manager came trotting out -- I'd left a dog brush in the back. We chatted, I told her what a great experience we'd had. She said, "You bought our 5-washes-for-$25 coupon, didn't you?" We didn't know what she was talking about. She asked us to hang on, she ran back inside, and brought us out the coupon -- and GAVE it to us. She said, "You should've been offered this when you purchased the multiple washes. So here you go." I was floored.

Four dogs are expensive and a lot of work -- I'm not complaining, just stating a fact -- so anywhere you can save time and money is appreciated. Yes, PSP is a little further out from my house than the competitor, but the extra travel time is more than made up for by how quickly the wash/dry is completed, how clean the areas are kept, and how important good customer service clearly is to them.