Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pet Central Team Comes to the Aid of a Dog with Little Hope for a Home

There are already so many dogs in need of homes, and a special needs dog seems to have more than the average strikes against her.  Such was the case for little Shayna, who was looking for her forever home.  She sat in an animal rescue in New York, waiting for a forever home that might not come.  The workers at her shelter wrote:

This is Shayna and she is as cute as a button. She's only 6 lbs, but has TONS of personality and a lot of love to give . Her original owner cut her tail off and damaged the spinal cord, which also caused neurological damage. As a result she cannot feel when she is going to the bathroom. She has been to the vet and sadly, there is no surgery they can do to fix her condition. We know it is going to be really hard to find this angel a forever home.  She will need a patient owner, who is willing to change her diaper, make sure she stays clean, and who understands that even though she wears a diaper, she loves to go for walks. She is only 5 years old, gets along well with other dogs and cats, children of all ages, but would absolutely LOVE it if she could be your one and only. She is the true definition of a lap dog.

Our neighbor Lisa, who shops at the Manhasset store, contacted the folks here at Pet Central, and suddenly help was on its way.  With the help of our pet partner at Central Garden and Pet, merchants Tim and Reina committed to a year's supply of diapers for Shayna.  Lisa wrote a quick note to us:

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about this beautiful dog that had her tail docked and lost all feeling when she needs to go to the bathroom. I am so happy that you're willing to donate diapers since she will need them for the rest of her life, covering this cost will be very helpful in getting her adopted…she has a fabulous personality and should not be euthanized because of this human-created issue. 

Thank you for helping make a difference for this beautiful dog. 

And, as luck would have it, Shayna got adopted! Great work, Tim and Reina, for helping this wonderful pup get a second chance! 

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