Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quincy, Illinois Team Knows That Bunny Cuddles Make Everything Better

One of our neighbors in Quincy, Illinois wrote us, not to tell us about an experience she had, but about another neighbor she saw getting some very special treatment.  If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!

Yesterday's event was so lifting it made me tear up. While in checkout, a lady ahead of me held a bunny. Admiring her hugging it, I asked if she was buying it. She said, "No, I'm only here to hold it 'cause I'm having a bad day". I watched her give the bunny back to the clerk and she left. I got to the clerk and I told her that the compassion I saw in allowing that woman to just cuddle that bunny was so overwhelming and it's just not something I will forget. The clerk smiled and said, "sometimes when we have bad days we just need to cuddle a pet." God bless this store and their clerks for understanding how important animals are for therapy!! I will ALWAYS go to this store from now on! 

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