Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lost: Runaway Dog! Found: A Neighbor Who Will Never Shop Anywhere but the Springfield, Ohio Store!

Neighbor Bethany wrote us to tell the story of her wandering dog, who went on an unauthorized three-day tour without his mom!  Store team leader Michael caught Bethany's mother putting up a flyer and went the extra mile to help her find the wayward mutt.  Then, once found, he got a free groom to wash off the remains of his crazy journey.  Bethany wrote:

Hello, I just wanted to send an email about your store manager at the Springfield, OH location, Michael. My dog broke our fence and got out for almost 3 days. We started putting up flyers around the neighborhood and local stores. My mother went to your store to post our flyer on the bulletin board. She was leaving after she put it up and Michael called her back into the store and proceeded to post for her on a Facebook page for missing pets. Going out of his way to help us with posting and sharing and even calling us on Christmas Day to see if we had found her! (We got her back, by the way). 

And even after all this he invited us back to his store for some extra Christmas cheer for our dog including a free groom for a dog who had been in the wild for 3 days in the pouring rain which would be no easy task! I seriously just can't believe a person would genuinely care and take so much time to help a complete stranger! I just wanted to thank you for hiring such a person. I have always been a shopper of Pet Supplies Plus. I have another rescue dog and a rescue cat but I can assure you I will only be shopping here for all my animals need and telling everybody I know about this amazing experience. Michael needs a raise or a bonus or a promotion! He is truly a person you want to keep in your business! 

Thank you! 

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  1. Wow- what a great touching story. Way to create a memorable experience for your Neighbor and a story to tell many more neighbors.