Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sensitive Pup Treated to Dog Wash and Neighborly Service in Robinson Twp, Pennsylvania

Krista and Anna in Robinson Twp, Pennsylvania made a great impression on our neighbor Frances when her dog needed a quick clean-up.  Krista and Anna evaluated the situation and decided a self-wash was the best solution for this sensitive dog's needs, and in doing so, won a new neighbor for their groom room!  Frances wrote:

Our family recently welcomed an abandoned, severely emaciated, verbally and physically abused purebred German Shepherd into our home.  And, although we have always had mutt mixes from the local shelters, we have done everything that we could to help this poor pup since we got her in May of this year.  She has now been licensed, vaccinated, spayed, chipped, nutrified, and continues to be provided with regular veterinary care.  She has been introduced to the other animals in the house with great results, and now considers herself to be a member of our family.

Part of her normalization has been regular exercise and training.  Today, we didn’t have a lot of time to spare, and following an afternoon of playtime at the park, we ran into your store to see what we could do about the dirt and mud she had on her thick coat and legs.  The first thing we noticed as we entered the grooming salon was how clean the space was, and we were immediately met by two smiling, energetic, happy groomers who went out of their way to see to it that our fragile pup would feel welcomed and not frightened.  Krista actually came out to talk to and pet our dog, talking to her in a calm manner, that made her feel comfortable.  When we explained our situation and time constraints, Anna told us that they would not be able to perform a full/thorough service on our dog, as there would not be enough time-especially to dry her coat properly.  Also, she was very sensitive to the fact the dog had only had one or two encounters with groomers since we got her, and that rushing the process would not be advised, and possibly prove to be counterproductive in her post-traumatic rehab.  After speaking with both groomers for a while, which further acclimated our pooch to the surroundings, they recommended the self-wash area, so that we would be able to stay on our schedule for the day, and still meet our dog’s needs.  They both took the time to explain the procedure, offer helpful tips, answer questions that we had about her breed, and continuously talk to our pet in a caring, compassionate, and considerate manner.  At no point in time did they try to push any services on us or rush us, and both young ladies maintained constant eye contact, diligently focused on the issue, and spoke in a clear, audible tone and pace, which is a huge help to those of us that are older!

We were very pleased with the self-care wash, and are anxiously awaiting our next visit at your store so that we can have our dog professionally groomed by Krista or Anna.  They provided outstanding, quality customer care by demonstrating a courteous, professional, patient, and thorough explanation in every aspect of our encounter.  They truly did work to understand what our needs were and pursued an appropriate, time and pet-sensitive resolution to our issue.  This type of efficiency, honesty, and concern is something rarely seen today.  They have surely made us loyal customers to your store!!!  We appreciate the work ethic and positive attitude that Krista & Anna demonstrated, as well as their proficiency and diligence to service our needs.  Congratulations on having such wonderful, exemplary employees!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lost: Runaway Dog! Found: A Neighbor Who Will Never Shop Anywhere but the Springfield, Ohio Store!

Neighbor Bethany wrote us to tell the story of her wandering dog, who went on an unauthorized three-day tour without his mom!  Store team leader Michael caught Bethany's mother putting up a flyer and went the extra mile to help her find the wayward mutt.  Then, once found, he got a free groom to wash off the remains of his crazy journey.  Bethany wrote:

Hello, I just wanted to send an email about your store manager at the Springfield, OH location, Michael. My dog broke our fence and got out for almost 3 days. We started putting up flyers around the neighborhood and local stores. My mother went to your store to post our flyer on the bulletin board. She was leaving after she put it up and Michael called her back into the store and proceeded to post for her on a Facebook page for missing pets. Going out of his way to help us with posting and sharing and even calling us on Christmas Day to see if we had found her! (We got her back, by the way). 

And even after all this he invited us back to his store for some extra Christmas cheer for our dog including a free groom for a dog who had been in the wild for 3 days in the pouring rain which would be no easy task! I seriously just can't believe a person would genuinely care and take so much time to help a complete stranger! I just wanted to thank you for hiring such a person. I have always been a shopper of Pet Supplies Plus. I have another rescue dog and a rescue cat but I can assure you I will only be shopping here for all my animals need and telling everybody I know about this amazing experience. Michael needs a raise or a bonus or a promotion! He is truly a person you want to keep in your business! 

Thank you! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Neighbor Drives By the Competitor to Receive Superior Neighborly Service in Brighton, Massachusetts

What makes our neighbors drive past the competitor to us?  Our people, of course!  This was just what neighbor Rabiah told us in the note she wrote about Jen in our Brighton, Massachusetts store.  There's not an infirm pet or a lost wallet involved in this story below, it's just praise for consistent, neighborly service.  And isn't that really what we're all about?  Rabiah writes:

I wanted to take the time to let you know what an asset Jen B. is to your company. Before I had met Jen in the Brighton store, I would always shop at Petco which is closer to my home. After I received the wonderful consistent service that Jen has provided to me in the store each and every time I was there, I ended up shopping at the store for the last 2 years. Even though it is a bit out of the way for me, it is completely worth it. Everyone in this specific store too is always so helpful, and friendly. I literally shop there every other week, or at times every week. I know myself having my own business, how hard it is to find such great employees like Jen, so I hope her efforts never go unnoticed. She has gone out of her way for me many times, trying to order food the store did not have and so many other incidents. Even taking the time to tell me the most important ingredients and percentage of specific nutrients I cared most to know was in the food for my rag doll cat.

So very impressed with her, I truly never leave that store without feeling great and well attended to. Its sad and unfortunate the customer service you get these days at almost every establishment, so when I am treated this way I make sure to make it a point to acknowledge the person in charge. Please I hope you can share this email to Jen, so she knows how much I have appreciated her services.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quincy, Illinois Team Knows That Bunny Cuddles Make Everything Better

One of our neighbors in Quincy, Illinois wrote us, not to tell us about an experience she had, but about another neighbor she saw getting some very special treatment.  If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!

Yesterday's event was so lifting it made me tear up. While in checkout, a lady ahead of me held a bunny. Admiring her hugging it, I asked if she was buying it. She said, "No, I'm only here to hold it 'cause I'm having a bad day". I watched her give the bunny back to the clerk and she left. I got to the clerk and I told her that the compassion I saw in allowing that woman to just cuddle that bunny was so overwhelming and it's just not something I will forget. The clerk smiled and said, "sometimes when we have bad days we just need to cuddle a pet." God bless this store and their clerks for understanding how important animals are for therapy!! I will ALWAYS go to this store from now on!