Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ann Arbor Team Leader Makes Lasting Impression on a Young, First-time Pet Owner

Our neighbor Chelsea mentioned in her Yelp! review that she's been shopping at the Pet Supplies Plus on Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor for years, but a recent experience with knowledgeable team leader Lyn inspired her to write and tell everyone why:

I have been coming to this pet store for many years for our dog, and the staff and service has always been extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  The store manager has been there for over 20 years and is always willing to drop anything she is doing to answer a question or help with anything you need.

Our last trip there I had told my son that he could pick out his first pet.  He had his heart set on a lizard, after working with the manager she helped him pick out a wonderful little guinea pig instead.  He is SO HAPPY!! She helped us pick out everything we would need and told us to be sure to call if we had any questions.  I would definitely recommend Pet Supplies Plus. The store is always clean and bright and the staff has a personal touch you can’t get at one of the big box stores.

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