Wednesday, December 2, 2015

San Antonio, Texas Team Member Knows the Key to Neighborly Service!

Our neighbors deserve all our kindness - our neighborly-ness! - and Winnie was no exception when she locked her keys and her purse in the car on a visit to our San Antonio store.  She wrote this heart-felt note to team member Jennifer, who came to her aid in every way possible:

A short note to thank you for helping me so much on Wednesday afternoon.  I am the gal with the corgi dog that locked her keys in the car.  It wouldn’t help to say that I always keep them with me especially when I am working with Ginger’s harness and leash, my cane and papers.  But that day, how foolish to see them on the seat.  Now how did I do that?

Of course, everything I needed was in the car in my purse.  You were very helpful with your cell phone looking up addresses, giving info to AAA, and providing me with a chair.  Of course, I was quick to say “come to this store, they are special people.”

I have already shared with several friends.  You went beyond business to help me.  The most I can do is ‘pay it forward’ and continue to use your store.  You have been on my list many times for ‘Grandmother’s charcoal bones’ – only kind I use.

Again, please convey my thanks to the other manager.  You are especially appreciated!


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  1. This is a great story about a great store. I live in Alabama and shop at my local Pets Supplies Plus. (Homewood) The employees there are always so helpful. I am handicapped and the guys there never have to be asked to help. They have always met me at the door. And always carry out my purchase to my car.