Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Store Team Leader Helps a Neighbor Who Finds Himself in an Unexpected Situation

An elderly neighbor, Murray, and his daughter were shopping in the Bethel Park, Pennsylvania store and found themselves short of cash with the credit card they had with them.  Store team leader Christy helped them out by paying for their order out of her pocket.  What a lovely act of neighborly kindness!  The neighbor agreed, and his daughter was kind enough to write Christy a very sweet thank you note:

Thank you so much for your kindness when you helped my dad and me out when our credit card was declined the other day.  We were on our way to my niece’s volleyball game that night and were quite a distance from home and left the house without putting any other cards or cash in our pockets.  It had been a long day of doctor appointments and we were in a hurry.  Bella, Tipper and Cocoa Moe Joe want to thank you also.  I have never had a stranger show so much kindness.  God bless you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

San Antonio, Texas Team Member Knows the Key to Neighborly Service!

Our neighbors deserve all our kindness - our neighborly-ness! - and Winnie was no exception when she locked her keys and her purse in the car on a visit to our San Antonio store.  She wrote this heart-felt note to team member Jennifer, who came to her aid in every way possible:

A short note to thank you for helping me so much on Wednesday afternoon.  I am the gal with the corgi dog that locked her keys in the car.  It wouldn’t help to say that I always keep them with me especially when I am working with Ginger’s harness and leash, my cane and papers.  But that day, how foolish to see them on the seat.  Now how did I do that?

Of course, everything I needed was in the car in my purse.  You were very helpful with your cell phone looking up addresses, giving info to AAA, and providing me with a chair.  Of course, I was quick to say “come to this store, they are special people.”

I have already shared with several friends.  You went beyond business to help me.  The most I can do is ‘pay it forward’ and continue to use your store.  You have been on my list many times for ‘Grandmother’s charcoal bones’ – only kind I use.

Again, please convey my thanks to the other manager.  You are especially appreciated!