Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pleasant Valley, Ohio Team Members Ensure a Fabulous New Puppy Homecoming

Puppies need a lot of love and care...and stuff!  When our neighbor Ashley struck out getting a cage from another source, she made a mad dash for the Parma/Pleasant Valley, Ohio Pet Supplies Plus.  Even though she walked in right before closing, she received neighborly service from team members Greg and Nick.  They shared their knowledge and gave of their time to make sure her new puppy had everything she needed:

I am not sure where to comment and leave feedback about your store employees on the site but I just have to point out one in particular, Greg who works at the Seven Hills/Parma location. I have worked in retail before and I know my least favorite (along with probably everyone else) thing was when people came in late when it was basically closing time. Well I was getting my puppy the following day and the cage I was going to get fell through. He had no problem not only waiting but helping and recommending what one I should get. He put in a lot of time and cared about what we needed. The cashier was also one of the best happiest employees I've ever seen, I believe his name is Nick.

I came back a few days later with my new puppy to get her a collar, both of these employees were there and both remembered who I was and everything I told them about the dog. Greg helped me with advice and picking out a collar and leash for her. I will never go to any other pet store for my puppy due to the great customer service provided by them.

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