Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pet-centric, Neighborly, Empathetic Service From Lorain, Ohio Team Member Helps Neighbor in a Difficult Time

Sometimes a neighbor writes us with a story that's so touching, there's just nothing more to say that hasn't been said.  Such was the case when Valerie wrote to tell us about her encounter with team member Tammy at the Lorain, Ohio store:

One certain employee has gone above and beyond in customer service.  Her name is Tammy.  My Jack Russell Terrier was injured and I was facing having to put her down, which was utterly heartbreaking to me.  She was my little girl.  (I was told I couldn’t have any more children so I got her and she filled that void along with the fact that she was my first dog and I had her for twelve years).  The idea of her being in pain and the thought of having to let her go was far more than I could emotionally handle.  I came in with her wrapped in a blanket, looking for a good soft food to switch her to.  Tammy saw that I was in a terrible state and she quickly came to my aid.  She was very friendly and informative about different products.  She also showed she had a genuine care for animals by asking to hold my baby girl.  As she held my dog she spoke gently words of comfort, petting and soothing her.

I was so touched that a stranger would show such care for my baby girl and be so comforting and empathetic to my situation.  My little girl has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, but every time I go to get food or supplies for my other dogs, Tammy is always upbeat and ready to help with anything that’s needed.  I just wanted to give her big kudos for being an amazing, caring person and to say thank you.

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