Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is it Made in the USA? Our South Lyon, Michigan Store Team Knows How to Find Out!

At Pet Supplies Plus we understand that our neighbors concern for their pets is tremendous, and we're with them on that!  This couple wanted to make sure that their lab puppy was eating food made in the USA, and team member Jess and Eric in our South Lyon, Michigan store went above and beyond to make sure that was the case!  Neighbors Chris and Jenny wrote:

Jess is very resourceful when it
comes to ingredients!
I want you to be aware of the outstanding customer service we received from two of your associates. We went to your South Lyon, MI location this morning to purchase dog food for our 10 month old Labrador Retriever. After the large order was rung up at the register, I wanted to know more about the dog food we had purchased. Our concern is always to purchase wholesome natural products that are made in the USA, with ingredients sourced in the USA. Eric read the label, indicated the product was from a company in Connecticut, however it did not source the ingredients. He grabbed his personal iPhone and went to the company website. The website did not say "made in the USA," only that product was sourced from US companies. "Loop hole," I thought. When I expressed my concern over the ambiguity, Eric called Jess, the supervisor. Jess spent 15 minutes with us to go over the different foods and what was absolutely made and sourced in the USA. We purchased two different types of food, Merrick, and Nutro. Jess said, "here at Pet Supplies Plus there is never a risk. If you don't like it or there is something wrong, bring it back. We stand behind our products." Jess and Eric are great ambassadors for PSP! Their time and attention to detail are amazing, and customer service? My Goodness, you epitomize customer service! You have our business for LIFE! Thank you Jess and Eric, You two are the BEST! 

Signed, Grateful Customers-Chris & Jenny 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pet-centric, Neighborly, Empathetic Service From Lorain, Ohio Team Member Helps Neighbor in a Difficult Time

Sometimes a neighbor writes us with a story that's so touching, there's just nothing more to say that hasn't been said.  Such was the case when Valerie wrote to tell us about her encounter with team member Tammy at the Lorain, Ohio store:

One certain employee has gone above and beyond in customer service.  Her name is Tammy.  My Jack Russell Terrier was injured and I was facing having to put her down, which was utterly heartbreaking to me.  She was my little girl.  (I was told I couldn’t have any more children so I got her and she filled that void along with the fact that she was my first dog and I had her for twelve years).  The idea of her being in pain and the thought of having to let her go was far more than I could emotionally handle.  I came in with her wrapped in a blanket, looking for a good soft food to switch her to.  Tammy saw that I was in a terrible state and she quickly came to my aid.  She was very friendly and informative about different products.  She also showed she had a genuine care for animals by asking to hold my baby girl.  As she held my dog she spoke gently words of comfort, petting and soothing her.

I was so touched that a stranger would show such care for my baby girl and be so comforting and empathetic to my situation.  My little girl has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, but every time I go to get food or supplies for my other dogs, Tammy is always upbeat and ready to help with anything that’s needed.  I just wanted to give her big kudos for being an amazing, caring person and to say thank you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finding Keys is the Key to Neighbor Happiness for Team Members in Haverhill, Massachusetts

So many of our neighbors take the time to write and tell us about the special relationships and wonderful experiences they have with our team members.  And, of course, sometimes they pick up the phone and call.  Our neighbor service representative Barb answered a call from a neighbor who had a special tale about team members in our Haverhill, Massachusetts location.  The neighbor didn't leave her name, but her story was worth repeating.  Barb told me how the conversation went:

I got a call from a neighbor who wanted to tell us about something she witnessed at our Haverhill, Massachusetts store. She said there was another neighbor, Kate, who had lost her keys in the store. Team members Danielle and Tyler were wonderful. They got the neighbor a chair to sit in, as well as a glass of water, and then set off to look for her keys. It took almost forty-five minutes but the two of them found Kate's keys for her!

Our neighbor said they went above and beyond regular customer service to help this person and she wanted to be sure we knew about it.

Danielle and Tyler, what PAW-some neighbor service skills you have! Keep up the great work!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pleasant Valley, Ohio Team Members Ensure a Fabulous New Puppy Homecoming

Puppies need a lot of love and care...and stuff!  When our neighbor Ashley struck out getting a cage from another source, she made a mad dash for the Parma/Pleasant Valley, Ohio Pet Supplies Plus.  Even though she walked in right before closing, she received neighborly service from team members Greg and Nick.  They shared their knowledge and gave of their time to make sure her new puppy had everything she needed:

I am not sure where to comment and leave feedback about your store employees on the site but I just have to point out one in particular, Greg who works at the Seven Hills/Parma location. I have worked in retail before and I know my least favorite (along with probably everyone else) thing was when people came in late when it was basically closing time. Well I was getting my puppy the following day and the cage I was going to get fell through. He had no problem not only waiting but helping and recommending what one I should get. He put in a lot of time and cared about what we needed. The cashier was also one of the best happiest employees I've ever seen, I believe his name is Nick.

I came back a few days later with my new puppy to get her a collar, both of these employees were there and both remembered who I was and everything I told them about the dog. Greg helped me with advice and picking out a collar and leash for her. I will never go to any other pet store for my puppy due to the great customer service provided by them.