Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trustworthy, Pet-Centric, Neighborly No-Growl Return in Appleton, Wisconsin Results in Happy Neighbor!

Our neighbor Amber wrote to tell us about the neighborly, pet-centric and trustworthy service she received in our Appleton, Wisconsin, store when she found herself with multiple bags of food her finicky pup wouldn't eat.  The Appleton team made good on the no-growl return policy and further delighted Amber by letting her know that the unused food was going to a good cause.  Amber wrote:

I am so happy about my visit last night. I have been having problems with my Treewalker's dog food because she has a very sensitive stomach. I have tried many brands and have back on forth with her on the bland food diet. My trainer recommended to switch to a lamb formula but I was bummed that I had two full bags of different types of food we tried. Last night I brought them in to see what they could do for me and to my surprise they exchanged one of the bags for the new food I wanted, and gave me an in-store credit for the other food that didn't work out. I was also happy to hear that the food that did not work for my dog was going to get donated. Thank you for allowing us to have this option if the food doesn't work for our animals! Happy customer right here!

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