Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Raynham, Massachusetts Team Impresses Neighbor with Great Service for Her...and Our Animals

Our treatment of our neighbors says a lot about who we are here at Pet Supplies Plus, and what really speaks volumes is the care we take with our tiny charges, the live animals we sell at many of our locations.  Our neighbor P.C. in Raynham, Massachusetts wrote to tell us how impressed she was with the team in that store, who treated both her and our birds with the utmost kindness:

I love this store!  Everyone that works there is very friendly.  I feel like home when I go there.  They are very knowledgeable there.  This is the only place that I have come across who actually interact with the animals that are sold there.  They will have the birds on their shoulders walking around so that the birds are not stuck in the cage all day.  I have gone into Petco where the birds are kept caged up with no interaction at all.  Birds need attention every day to survive and Pet Supplies Plus gives them all the attention they need, as well as the other animals that are sold there.  I recommend this place over and over!

Danielle and Linda and their fine feathered

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