Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Raynham, Massachusetts Team Impresses Neighbor with Great Service for Her...and Our Animals

Our treatment of our neighbors says a lot about who we are here at Pet Supplies Plus, and what really speaks volumes is the care we take with our tiny charges, the live animals we sell at many of our locations.  Our neighbor P.C. in Raynham, Massachusetts wrote to tell us how impressed she was with the team in that store, who treated both her and our birds with the utmost kindness:

I love this store!  Everyone that works there is very friendly.  I feel like home when I go there.  They are very knowledgeable there.  This is the only place that I have come across who actually interact with the animals that are sold there.  They will have the birds on their shoulders walking around so that the birds are not stuck in the cage all day.  I have gone into Petco where the birds are kept caged up with no interaction at all.  Birds need attention every day to survive and Pet Supplies Plus gives them all the attention they need, as well as the other animals that are sold there.  I recommend this place over and over!

Danielle and Linda and their fine feathered

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trustworthy, Pet-Centric, Neighborly No-Growl Return in Appleton, Wisconsin Results in Happy Neighbor!

Our neighbor Amber wrote to tell us about the neighborly, pet-centric and trustworthy service she received in our Appleton, Wisconsin, store when she found herself with multiple bags of food her finicky pup wouldn't eat.  The Appleton team made good on the no-growl return policy and further delighted Amber by letting her know that the unused food was going to a good cause.  Amber wrote:

I am so happy about my visit last night. I have been having problems with my Treewalker's dog food because she has a very sensitive stomach. I have tried many brands and have back on forth with her on the bland food diet. My trainer recommended to switch to a lamb formula but I was bummed that I had two full bags of different types of food we tried. Last night I brought them in to see what they could do for me and to my surprise they exchanged one of the bags for the new food I wanted, and gave me an in-store credit for the other food that didn't work out. I was also happy to hear that the food that did not work for my dog was going to get donated. Thank you for allowing us to have this option if the food doesn't work for our animals! Happy customer right here!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cicero, New York Team Makes a Pawsitively Fabulous Impression on a New Neighbor

Our neighbor James  may have found his new reptile buddy at our competitor's store, but the Cicero, New York team made sure James felt like there was no other place in the world to shop for his chameleon's lifelong needs.  Here's the letter in James' own words (and a picture of his little guy!):

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oak Ridge, Tennessee Team Leader Makes a Difference for Neighbors and Pets

Our neighbor Doug wrote to tell us about his experience with store team leader Mandy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, who engages with all the Paw Print values in mind every time she has a neighbor interaction.  Doug went into great detail telling us how much Mandy's kind words and gestures meant to him:
I wanted to take a moment to send a note re: Mandy Kilpatrick who is the manager (to my knowledge) at my local Pet Supplies Plus store in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
My most recent interaction with Mandy occurred earlier last week. My weimaraner had been sick and wasn't interested in eating very much - it was a struggle each day to find something that she'd find appealing enough to eat (and it seemed to change each day). Anyway, she had been eating canned tripe, which the Oak Ridge store had been out of and I had bought the last 3 cans that were in the Knoxville stores. When I talked to Mandy, she let me know that that particular food was delayed or otherwise difficult to get at the time, but she looked to see if there were other brands or kind of tripe that she could order for me and get in quickly. She found something that she could order on Thursday for Friday delivery to the store. Long story short, I asked her to order some on Thursday, and my dog took a turn for the worse the very next day, and I had to say goodbye to her. I went to the store to buy the food anyway, as it was a special order and I didn't want to leave the store "stuck with it" potentially. Despite it being a special order, Mandy was very nice and understanding, and told me that I didn't need to buy it. It was a very much appreciated gesture at a hard time for me.
I wish Tessa (my weim) was still with me, and that I needed that case of food (and more). Sadly, that's not the case. The money I would've used for that food can now go towards my vet bills, which is very helpful to me.
I moved back to Tennessee last year from northern Virginia where I shopped at the Pet Supplies Plus store in Fairfax, VA. Prior to that, I shopped at the Pet Supplies Plus store in Knoxville, TN (on Broadway). While I've had good experiences at all of those stores, they don't really compare to the Oak Ridge store. Mandy has been accommodating on other occasions too - if the large bag of my dog food was on sale and out of stock, she would sell me a smaller bag at the same unit price, as one example. It's really nice and refreshing to have that level of customer service - and someone who seems to understand and care.
I lost a Siamese cat after 12 years in February and my weim who was close to 11 years old last week. I've only got one pet presently (another Siamese cat whose close to 14). I'll still be coming in for her, and at some point, I'm sure I'll have another dog. I hope my local PSP and Mandy will be around for a while! I'm an HR manager so I know how important it is to find not only good people, but also the right people. She is one of them.
Thank you for hearing my story!