Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Working at PSP Helps Lake in the Hills, Illinois Team Member Discover (and Pursue!) Her Passion

Neighborly. Pet-centric.  Trustworthy.  Knowledgeable.  These are our Paw Print values, the traits we look for in a great team member, the skills we impart when we make our PSP training materials available.  When we equip our team members with knowledge we enable them to engage with our neighbors in a meaningful way, but we don't often take time to think about how our team members grow as a result.  Team member Emily at Lake in the Hills, Illinois store took a moment to explain what the experience meant to her as she prepared to leave for college.

Emily: A college student now!
Dear George and PSP Team 213,

This past year working at Pet Supplies Plus has been pretty amazing. This was my first job, and I had no idea what to expect. Bill was kind enough to give me a shot, and I thank him for that. I've learned so much from working with his team. I've learned about what should go into good pet food, how to help out animals with food allergies, and dug deeper into the different varieties of foods. You've got food from Canada, raw food, and even freeze dried. Learning about all the different benefits from all these different foods has sparked a passion. I'm leaving in a few days to go off to college. A year ago I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do after I'm done with school, but after working for PSP I have an idea of what I what career path I want to follow. I love working with animals and I'm driven towards a career that helps out animals. I've met and worked with some amazing people the past year, and it makes me sad that I had to go. I've learned a great work ethic and know a great work ethic will get me me far in life.

So I thank you and Team 213 for everything this past year. 


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