Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Even Cats With Amazing Perception Cannot Stump Our St. Clair Shores, Michigan Team Member

Dana, one of our neighbor service representatives on the Bark Line, received a call from our neighbor Beth the other day.  Dana sent along an email to tell us how happy Beth was with her experience at our St. Clair Shores, Michigan store:

John has outstanding investigative skills!
Beth called to express her absolute delight with our St. Clair Shores store on Harper Avenue! She sends a Pat on the Back out to all of the team members and loves that staff takes her purchases out to her car. She always enjoys her experience with the store, but her last visits were exceptional!

Her cats are very finicky and while it looked like she was buying the same bag of Natural Balance, the dear ones turned their noses up at the most recent purchase. Team member John "ferreted" out the issue...the bags were made in different plants and the felines could tell the difference! John found her bags that were from the "original" plant.  The cats are ecstatic and so is Beth!

WAY TO GO, St. Clair Shores!

These cats must be very special.  Telepathic?  Magic?  Whatever they are, John in St. Clair Shores has it all figured out for them now, and that was neighborly service that went above and beyond!

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