Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Elle in Short Hills, New Jersey, Helps a Neighbor With Her Litter of Kittens in a Very Personal Way

Pet-centric team member Elle in our Short Hills store went above and beyond when neighbor Diane discovered that a mamma cat had kittens in her garage.  Elle engaged with Diane in a very meaningful way when she went above and beyond to help her and a litter of homeless furballs.  Diane wrote to tell us the story:

Wow, Elle!  Great way to demonstrate
all the Paw Print values!!
I have been going to your store in Short Hills, NJ since you opened and have had nothing but the best experience getting my 12-plus pets accommodated with food I can't get elsewhere, but nothing ever prepared me for the help I got from one employee named Elle! I had a mother cat have kittens in my garage, and not only did Elle take one for adoption but she also found great homes for two more! No one is so dedicated to animals as she is. She found homes and also sold everything a cat would need to go to a new home as employee of Pet Supplies Plus in the Short Hills, NJ store. All new parents of kittens said Elle told them everything they would need when they came to pick a kitten and they actually had it in their car after they purchased it at your store. I was so relieved to have someone so informed to adoption of my kittens, such a loving person of animals. You could never have a better employee for love and sales at same time.

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  1. What a great story. Elle you make me proud to work at Pet Supplies Plus!