Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Working at PSP Helps Lake in the Hills, Illinois Team Member Discover (and Pursue!) Her Passion

Neighborly. Pet-centric.  Trustworthy.  Knowledgeable.  These are our Paw Print values, the traits we look for in a great team member, the skills we impart when we make our PSP training materials available.  When we equip our team members with knowledge we enable them to engage with our neighbors in a meaningful way, but we don't often take time to think about how our team members grow as a result.  Team member Emily at Lake in the Hills, Illinois store took a moment to explain what the experience meant to her as she prepared to leave for college.

Emily: A college student now!
Dear George and PSP Team 213,

This past year working at Pet Supplies Plus has been pretty amazing. This was my first job, and I had no idea what to expect. Bill was kind enough to give me a shot, and I thank him for that. I've learned so much from working with his team. I've learned about what should go into good pet food, how to help out animals with food allergies, and dug deeper into the different varieties of foods. You've got food from Canada, raw food, and even freeze dried. Learning about all the different benefits from all these different foods has sparked a passion. I'm leaving in a few days to go off to college. A year ago I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do after I'm done with school, but after working for PSP I have an idea of what I what career path I want to follow. I love working with animals and I'm driven towards a career that helps out animals. I've met and worked with some amazing people the past year, and it makes me sad that I had to go. I've learned a great work ethic and know a great work ethic will get me me far in life.

So I thank you and Team 213 for everything this past year. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Elle in Short Hills, New Jersey, Helps a Neighbor With Her Litter of Kittens in a Very Personal Way

Pet-centric team member Elle in our Short Hills store went above and beyond when neighbor Diane discovered that a mamma cat had kittens in her garage.  Elle engaged with Diane in a very meaningful way when she went above and beyond to help her and a litter of homeless furballs.  Diane wrote to tell us the story:

Wow, Elle!  Great way to demonstrate
all the Paw Print values!!
I have been going to your store in Short Hills, NJ since you opened and have had nothing but the best experience getting my 12-plus pets accommodated with food I can't get elsewhere, but nothing ever prepared me for the help I got from one employee named Elle! I had a mother cat have kittens in my garage, and not only did Elle take one for adoption but she also found great homes for two more! No one is so dedicated to animals as she is. She found homes and also sold everything a cat would need to go to a new home as employee of Pet Supplies Plus in the Short Hills, NJ store. All new parents of kittens said Elle told them everything they would need when they came to pick a kitten and they actually had it in their car after they purchased it at your store. I was so relieved to have someone so informed to adoption of my kittens, such a loving person of animals. You could never have a better employee for love and sales at same time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Team Member Builds Wonderful Community Relationships

I personally loved reading about this story because I, too, had a great experience in the Grosse Pointe store with Lisette, who was absolutely a darling when my dog had a little accident in the toy aisle.  Now, I work for Pet Supplies Plus, and do you think she'd let me help clean up?  No way!  So, I was very pleased but not surprised when I found out that she delights all of our neighbors with the same wonderful attitude I saw that day.  Neighbor Kim reached out to let us know her experience:

I'm writing to tell you about a great experience in your Grosse Pointe store. This town is VERY tight and the community looks out for each other. It's not uncommon for our kids to walk to the village to get ice cream. Even my nine-year-old does so. A big destination now is your store: fish,'s like kid Heaven! There is a girl who works in your store named Lisette. She is honestly one of the nicest people I've run into. She treats the kids as though they are the most important people she's ever met. She fields their constant redundant questions. She is always happy to see them-- and they tell us. We then tell our friends. She is helping to build your place in a tight knit community. I thought you should know about her because people too often take time to complain- but not to compliment. This girl deserves to be acknowledged for her great customer service. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Even Cats With Amazing Perception Cannot Stump Our St. Clair Shores, Michigan Team Member

Dana, one of our neighbor service representatives on the Bark Line, received a call from our neighbor Beth the other day.  Dana sent along an email to tell us how happy Beth was with her experience at our St. Clair Shores, Michigan store:

John has outstanding investigative skills!
Beth called to express her absolute delight with our St. Clair Shores store on Harper Avenue! She sends a Pat on the Back out to all of the team members and loves that staff takes her purchases out to her car. She always enjoys her experience with the store, but her last visits were exceptional!

Her cats are very finicky and while it looked like she was buying the same bag of Natural Balance, the dear ones turned their noses up at the most recent purchase. Team member John "ferreted" out the issue...the bags were made in different plants and the felines could tell the difference! John found her bags that were from the "original" plant.  The cats are ecstatic and so is Beth!

WAY TO GO, St. Clair Shores!

These cats must be very special.  Telepathic?  Magic?  Whatever they are, John in St. Clair Shores has it all figured out for them now, and that was neighborly service that went above and beyond!