Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Neighbors with New Kittens Are Delighted With Neighborly, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy Service in New Albany, Ohio

Neighborly, knowledgeable and trustworthy advice have earned a new neighbor for New Albany, Ohio, and we have team members Beth and Danny to thank for it.  Our neighbor Janet wrote in to tell us about it, and we'll let you read it in her own words:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Neighborly Service in Brooklyn, Ohio Makes Great Impression on Our Neighbor

Kara in Brooklyn, Ohio made quite an impression on our neighbor, Heather.  From dog wipes to check-out, Kara showed a neighborly kind of patience that left a great impression.  Heather writes:

I am writing to inform you of an experience I had at the Brooklyn location. I went in for dog food and wipes for my dogs eyes. I had a lot of questions about what to buy as I have never heard of such a thing before. Kara answered everything she could but when I asked if the wipes I had selected were safe for my dogs eyes she wanted to double check with someone else to be completely positive before telling me. She is amazing for that. Most people would have guessed, but she was thinking of my dog's best interest. Then, after someone took me to get the correct product, I proceeded to check out where Kara was the one ringing me out. I didn't have my [Preferred Pet Club] card on me so she looked it up.  When we couldn't bring it up under my information or my boyfriend's, she didn't get snotty irritated or anything she remained pleasant patient and helpful and figured out why and then issued me a new one. She is an ideal person to be working with the public, very friendly and constantly smiling. This was a few weeks ago. I just feel bad it took this long to write in about her!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quick-thinking Boone, NC Team Helps Dog and Owner In Need With First Aid and TLC

A pet is a member of the family, and when he or she becomes ill, the whole family worries.  Such was the situation for our neighbor Kelly came in for some supplies for her boxer/bulldog mix, Calvin, after he'd had a hard night at the vet.  The shopping trip turned into an emergency situation, and the Boone team stepped up to help with first aid and a very important, 75-pound, squirmy, furry automatic carry out.  Kelly wrote:

I would like to express sincere gratitude to the employees working in your store on my recent visit on July 3rd, 2015. My dog was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Due to his fluctuating appetite, I needed to make a stop by the Boone PSP for some wet food options on the way home from the vet, where he had spent the previous night on IVs. 

Upon our arrival my dog began bleeding heavily from his leg, where his IV had just been removed. Your staff dropped everything to help, including applying styptic powder, wrapping his leg, cleaning up the blood from the floor, and ensuring both my dog and my panicked self were properly taken care of. One employee was even kind enough to carry my dog to the car so that I could get him back to the vet (note my dog is a 75 pound Boxer/Bulldog mix). 

I realize that all pets are important members of the family, but my dog is my only "child" and recent circumstances have had ours in a very emotional state. Please ensure that your staff knows how valued their excellent customer service is and I hope that you also recognize that you not only have some great employees, but some compassionate hearts working for your store. I was overwhelmed by their kindness and can truly say you have a loyal customer from this point forward.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Family Meets Bearded Dragons. Warrington, Pennsylvania Team Member Jumps In With Advice. Love Ensues.

If I close my eyes, I can just see this unfolding.  Two kids crazy about bearded dragons, two parents thinking, "Ugh, no!  What will we do with those?"  Sam in our Warrington store saw enthusiasm and doubt, and took all the steps necessary to make sure that these folks understood what bearded dragon ownership was all about.  A neighborly, knowledgeable, trustworthy and pet-centric team member knows how to match pets with the people who will love them.  Our neighbor John wrote to tell us the whole story:

Sam even comes in on her day off to pose for pics for us!
My family and I have been customers of the Pet Supplies Plus in the Warrington/Doylestown area since our move here from New York two years ago. We have seen the changes in the store since that time, from employees to supplies etc. As our children have been growing so have their wants for different animals. As for my wife and I, different animals mean another thing we will eventually have to take upon ourselves to take care of (as all parents know the feeling). 

In mid-May my wife and I finally caved and allowed our sons to pick out a pet of their very own (we have two sons). We were expecting our oldest to want a fish tank and our other to want a hamster but on arrival my sons proved otherwise. They both ran to the reptile cages, something my wife nor I had ever turned our heads to notice. They both pointed at what is known as a "bearded dragon" something I never had but knew got to be relatively big. As my wife and I tried to sway our sons towards other animals, an employee whom I've seen before but spoke to briefly came up and asked if we needed help with anything or had any questions. Both of us laughed and asked if she could help us change our sons minds, we explained the situation and she was very understanding. We spoke how my wife or myself have never had a lizard before and really had no desire to have one in our home. 

As we spoke she had asked if it was okay if she could take a bearded dragon out just for our boys to see and us too. As I said it was okay, I was bitterly shocked to see how docile the lizard was (nothing like what you see on TV). To make a long story short, we ended up taking the last two bearded dragons they had home with us. 

Fast forwarding to present time, my wife, myself, (and the boys of course) love them! Its amazing to see these guys grow. We come see Sam (the young girl who sold us our bearded dragons) to get our crickets. She knows who we are and remembers what we have, she also always gives us new facts, details, and advice on giving our bearded dragons the best home possible. We all love learning fun new things about our pets. What's great is how easy taking care of the lizards is. A big thank you to Sam for opening our eyes to a new king of pets!