Thursday, July 16, 2015

PET-CENTRIC and Very NEIGHBORLY Team Leader Supports Small Local Rescue with a Big Idea

All of our Pet Supplies Plus teams like to support their communities by supporting local rescue groups - it's why we're America's favorite neighborhood pet store!  We do a lot of adoption events and find ways to unite our pet-loving neighbors with pets in need.  But in this case, team member Ruben took community support a step further by reaching out to a new rescue with some special assistance.  Neighbor Susan wrote to tell us about it:

My name is Susan, and for many years, I have been a customer at the Pet Supplies Plus on Sockanosset Cross Rd. in Cranston, Rhode Island. This letter is long overdue and I apologize for that. While I always found Tom (the manager) and the employees of this location to be friendly and helpful I would like to specifically speak about Ruben, the assistant manager of the Sockanosset location.

I have been involved in animal rescue work for over eight years. Most recently, I am affiliated with Candy Kitty Rescue. We are a fledgling group of volunteers working to rescue, vet and place kittens, their moms, strays and some feral cats. At any given time, I might have between 3 and 8 kittens and cats in my home in addition to my own 5 cats. That range applies to the other volunteers, as well. As you can imagine just feeding all of these mouths becomes very expensive. Until we gain our non-profit status we pay for everything out of our own pockets and with monies gained from small fundraising activities. 

When Ruben learned of our work he made a point of remembering me. When they recently had bags of cat/kitten food that were close to their expiration dates he invited me to purchase this food at a discounted price.  I could not believe our good fortune and I scooped up as much as we could reasonably use. I cannot thank Ruben and Pet Supplies Plus enough! I am deeply appreciative to see how committed PSP is in their efforts to support and give back to the community and to help even the smallest of rescue groups. It has cemented my commitment to shop only at Pet Supplies Plus.

Awesome way to support the Cranston area, Ruben!

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  1. Wonderful! Sensible help! Would this food have been discarded otherwise? Thanks, Ruben, and Pet Supplies Plus.