Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mobile, Alabama Team Does It All and Makes a Neighbor's Experience the First Of Many

Our neighbor Sarah walked into the Mobile, Alabama store, and the team there…well, they just did everything right.  New to the area, Sarah was looking for a store that stocked Buddy’s favorite food, Orijen.  She found Buddy’s food and a new favorite pet store, too, because, as she said, “we felt like family.”  She told us:

We had recently moved to the Mobile area from Arizona and we were looking for our dog food, Orijen.  We went into a pet store down the road from here but the staff was not friendly nor was our dog’s food there.  We passed Pet Supplies Plus and decided to go inside.  When we walked in, we were warmly greeted and began our search.  Now, we were not on the aisle for 20 seconds when an employee named Michael approached us.  We could not remember our dog food, but he helped us tremendously.  Since we could not remember the dog food and all we could remember was a green bag, Michael got a manager by the name of Scott to assist us.  Scott helped us in directing us to our food in no time.  Both gentlemen were super-friendly and helpful beyond our beliefs.  When we asked both of the about rescue groups in the area to adopt from, they gave us several that were always in the store for adoptions.  Although they did not have our canned dog food we use, Scott found something comparable.  But it was not on the shelf.  Another employee, Trevor, went into the back room and found it on the pallet that had come in.  We could tell that it was a stock day with all the hard work the three gentlemen were doing.  When we proceeded to checkout, Alicia the cashier was super-friendly and helpful about the times for the adoptions in the store.  She showed us some great cookies that they sell in the store for dogs.  When we were approached by another manager, Tony, we proceeded to have a great conversation and he even carried our bags out to the car!

We saw that we can in on a day they were putting stock on the shelves, but the employees never missed a beat in assisting some hard customers!  They were friendly and the fact that they took the time to find it in the back for us was something I had never experienced in any store.  The staff was friendly, helpful, and informative on everything dog related we asked.  We WILL be back to shop here because we felt like family and treated like it by the staff.  Not only do we thank you for such GREAT customer service, but so does our dog Buddy!

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