Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kody's Birthday is a Great One Thanks to NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Service in Taylor, Michigan

When Kody's grandma shopped in our store a few weeks back, she had her bologna radar on!  But Taylor team member Carl passed with flying colors when he informed her about the fish tank he had on sale.  It was just what Kody's grandma was looking for AND it saved her a whole lot of money.  Carl really connected with our neighbor when he took the time to show her what a great deal this purchase was, and now four-year-old Kody is a proud fish owner.  Kody's grandma writes:

I have been to your store a few times, always had a pleasant visit. None of my previous visits could hold a candle to this experience. I was interested in a fish tank for my grandson, Kody. I was greeted by Carl (very sweet boy) who insisted on helping me gather what I needed. Upon hearing my request for a fish tank with all the trimmings he simply lowered his head and smirked. I smiled and said "Carl it seems to me you have some good news for me?!" He laughed and informed me that there was a 20-gallon fish tank kit and kaboodle for a clearance price of only $59.98. Now I'm a 79 year old grandma of 5 so I am used to hearing a lot of bologna but he insisted this to be fact. He was kind enough to do all the math on what it would cost to buy these items separate. Safe to say young Carl saved me a ton of money, hassle, and a headache! Thank you, Carl, and Pet Supplies Plus for making Kody's fourth birthday a real blast!

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