Thursday, July 9, 2015

Groomer in Lafayette, Indiana Earns the Trust of a Small Dog (and Owner!) with PET-CENTRIC, TRUSTWORTHY Service

If a dog is mistreated or neglected, he has plenty of reason not to trust humans.  Charlie, a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix, had every reason to be wary, as he'd been neglected by his first owner, and then injured by a well-meaning groomer when his new mom took him to have his many mats shaved off.  Rosa, a groomer in our Lafayette, Indiana, store understood how Charlie must be feeling about groomers in general and put in a lot of extra effort to make him comfortable.  Charlie's mom wrote:

I have a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix that we rescued from a neighbor who was no longer caring for him. Charlie was very matted and underweight (just 2.8 lbs) when we got him. His teeth are all rotted, and he will require surgery to remove them all once he puts on some weight.

I had taken him to another big-chain groomer here in Lafayette, and had a rough experience. They shaved Charlie, as I requested, because he was so extremely matted, but in the process they cut-off one of his rear dew claws. They took him to the emergency vet and got it all taken care of. Clearly, this was a fairly nerve-wracking experience for my family. This was the first thing we'd done for Charlie, and he came out worse than when he went in. You can only imagine how frightening this was for Charlie!

Fast-forward to about 6-weeks later, Charlie's hair was starting to grow out pretty well and I decided that he needed grooming again. After calling around to some independent groomers, I elected to give Pet Supplies Plus grooming a chance.

I am so thankful that I did! Rosa took care of Charlie! I spoke with Rosa at length about toy breeds. We have only ever owned big-dogs and little ones like Charlie are a very different experience. Rosa welcomed me to stay while she groomed Charlie, and let me know that she would only do as much as Charlie would let her because she wanted him to comfortable with the experience and grow to trust her. I told her that I would walk around the store so that my nervousness wouldn't interrupt.

I watched from between the aisles, trying to be sure Charlie didn't see me and become more anxious. I was truly amazed at the patience and gentleness that Rosa showed with Charlie. She did a fantastic job! She is wonderful!! Charlie came out looking great. She was able to trim him so much better than his previous experience. I know that it is because Charlie could see that she really cared and was working with him, not on him.

I am so grateful for the care and compassion Rosa showed! I got one of her cards and told her that she had to keep her job for the next 6 or 7 years, until Charlie is no longer with us. Rosa is the only one I will trust with Charlie

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