Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Saying Goodbye Not Only to a Beloved Pet, But To a Beloved Pet Store...

Haley, Store Team Leader at our Lake Park, Florida location, reached out to us recently with this story:

Recently one our our long time loyal neighbors came in to return a food she always special ordered. I instantly questioned if everything was okay, they were always consistent with food, and she told me her dog had passed. She became suddenly ill overnight and had to be put down.

It was heart wrenching to hear of her experience.

When she left she couldn't thank us enough for all of her years of shopping at our location.

This morning we received this letter and I wanted to share it with you. Our team really strives to develop relationships with our neighbors and this is a prime example of how much it is appreciated!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Incredible Middleburg Heights, OH Team Comforts Pet Parent in Time of Need

What can I say except that we here at Pet Supplies Plus work with some of the most compassionate, empathetic people on the planet?  Here's our neighbor's story in her own words:

One of our Middleburg Heights team members, Amanda, was particularly empathetic to our neighbor Rachel's situation, and she responded to her Facebook post:

Thank you, Amanda...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

PET-CENTRIC and Very NEIGHBORLY Team Leader Supports Small Local Rescue with a Big Idea

All of our Pet Supplies Plus teams like to support their communities by supporting local rescue groups - it's why we're America's favorite neighborhood pet store!  We do a lot of adoption events and find ways to unite our pet-loving neighbors with pets in need.  But in this case, team member Ruben took community support a step further by reaching out to a new rescue with some special assistance.  Neighbor Susan wrote to tell us about it:

My name is Susan, and for many years, I have been a customer at the Pet Supplies Plus on Sockanosset Cross Rd. in Cranston, Rhode Island. This letter is long overdue and I apologize for that. While I always found Tom (the manager) and the employees of this location to be friendly and helpful I would like to specifically speak about Ruben, the assistant manager of the Sockanosset location.

I have been involved in animal rescue work for over eight years. Most recently, I am affiliated with Candy Kitty Rescue. We are a fledgling group of volunteers working to rescue, vet and place kittens, their moms, strays and some feral cats. At any given time, I might have between 3 and 8 kittens and cats in my home in addition to my own 5 cats. That range applies to the other volunteers, as well. As you can imagine just feeding all of these mouths becomes very expensive. Until we gain our non-profit status we pay for everything out of our own pockets and with monies gained from small fundraising activities. 

When Ruben learned of our work he made a point of remembering me. When they recently had bags of cat/kitten food that were close to their expiration dates he invited me to purchase this food at a discounted price.  I could not believe our good fortune and I scooped up as much as we could reasonably use. I cannot thank Ruben and Pet Supplies Plus enough! I am deeply appreciative to see how committed PSP is in their efforts to support and give back to the community and to help even the smallest of rescue groups. It has cemented my commitment to shop only at Pet Supplies Plus.

Awesome way to support the Cranston area, Ruben!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mobile, Alabama Team Does It All and Makes a Neighbor's Experience the First Of Many

Our neighbor Sarah walked into the Mobile, Alabama store, and the team there…well, they just did everything right.  New to the area, Sarah was looking for a store that stocked Buddy’s favorite food, Orijen.  She found Buddy’s food and a new favorite pet store, too, because, as she said, “we felt like family.”  She told us:

We had recently moved to the Mobile area from Arizona and we were looking for our dog food, Orijen.  We went into a pet store down the road from here but the staff was not friendly nor was our dog’s food there.  We passed Pet Supplies Plus and decided to go inside.  When we walked in, we were warmly greeted and began our search.  Now, we were not on the aisle for 20 seconds when an employee named Michael approached us.  We could not remember our dog food, but he helped us tremendously.  Since we could not remember the dog food and all we could remember was a green bag, Michael got a manager by the name of Scott to assist us.  Scott helped us in directing us to our food in no time.  Both gentlemen were super-friendly and helpful beyond our beliefs.  When we asked both of the about rescue groups in the area to adopt from, they gave us several that were always in the store for adoptions.  Although they did not have our canned dog food we use, Scott found something comparable.  But it was not on the shelf.  Another employee, Trevor, went into the back room and found it on the pallet that had come in.  We could tell that it was a stock day with all the hard work the three gentlemen were doing.  When we proceeded to checkout, Alicia the cashier was super-friendly and helpful about the times for the adoptions in the store.  She showed us some great cookies that they sell in the store for dogs.  When we were approached by another manager, Tony, we proceeded to have a great conversation and he even carried our bags out to the car!

We saw that we can in on a day they were putting stock on the shelves, but the employees never missed a beat in assisting some hard customers!  They were friendly and the fact that they took the time to find it in the back for us was something I had never experienced in any store.  The staff was friendly, helpful, and informative on everything dog related we asked.  We WILL be back to shop here because we felt like family and treated like it by the staff.  Not only do we thank you for such GREAT customer service, but so does our dog Buddy!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Groomer in Lafayette, Indiana Earns the Trust of a Small Dog (and Owner!) with PET-CENTRIC, TRUSTWORTHY Service

If a dog is mistreated or neglected, he has plenty of reason not to trust humans.  Charlie, a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix, had every reason to be wary, as he'd been neglected by his first owner, and then injured by a well-meaning groomer when his new mom took him to have his many mats shaved off.  Rosa, a groomer in our Lafayette, Indiana, store understood how Charlie must be feeling about groomers in general and put in a lot of extra effort to make him comfortable.  Charlie's mom wrote:

I have a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix that we rescued from a neighbor who was no longer caring for him. Charlie was very matted and underweight (just 2.8 lbs) when we got him. His teeth are all rotted, and he will require surgery to remove them all once he puts on some weight.

I had taken him to another big-chain groomer here in Lafayette, and had a rough experience. They shaved Charlie, as I requested, because he was so extremely matted, but in the process they cut-off one of his rear dew claws. They took him to the emergency vet and got it all taken care of. Clearly, this was a fairly nerve-wracking experience for my family. This was the first thing we'd done for Charlie, and he came out worse than when he went in. You can only imagine how frightening this was for Charlie!

Fast-forward to about 6-weeks later, Charlie's hair was starting to grow out pretty well and I decided that he needed grooming again. After calling around to some independent groomers, I elected to give Pet Supplies Plus grooming a chance.

I am so thankful that I did! Rosa took care of Charlie! I spoke with Rosa at length about toy breeds. We have only ever owned big-dogs and little ones like Charlie are a very different experience. Rosa welcomed me to stay while she groomed Charlie, and let me know that she would only do as much as Charlie would let her because she wanted him to comfortable with the experience and grow to trust her. I told her that I would walk around the store so that my nervousness wouldn't interrupt.

I watched from between the aisles, trying to be sure Charlie didn't see me and become more anxious. I was truly amazed at the patience and gentleness that Rosa showed with Charlie. She did a fantastic job! She is wonderful!! Charlie came out looking great. She was able to trim him so much better than his previous experience. I know that it is because Charlie could see that she really cared and was working with him, not on him.

I am so grateful for the care and compassion Rosa showed! I got one of her cards and told her that she had to keep her job for the next 6 or 7 years, until Charlie is no longer with us. Rosa is the only one I will trust with Charlie

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kody's Birthday is a Great One Thanks to NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Service in Taylor, Michigan

When Kody's grandma shopped in our store a few weeks back, she had her bologna radar on!  But Taylor team member Carl passed with flying colors when he informed her about the fish tank he had on sale.  It was just what Kody's grandma was looking for AND it saved her a whole lot of money.  Carl really connected with our neighbor when he took the time to show her what a great deal this purchase was, and now four-year-old Kody is a proud fish owner.  Kody's grandma writes:

I have been to your store a few times, always had a pleasant visit. None of my previous visits could hold a candle to this experience. I was interested in a fish tank for my grandson, Kody. I was greeted by Carl (very sweet boy) who insisted on helping me gather what I needed. Upon hearing my request for a fish tank with all the trimmings he simply lowered his head and smirked. I smiled and said "Carl it seems to me you have some good news for me?!" He laughed and informed me that there was a 20-gallon fish tank kit and kaboodle for a clearance price of only $59.98. Now I'm a 79 year old grandma of 5 so I am used to hearing a lot of bologna but he insisted this to be fact. He was kind enough to do all the math on what it would cost to buy these items separate. Safe to say young Carl saved me a ton of money, hassle, and a headache! Thank you, Carl, and Pet Supplies Plus for making Kody's fourth birthday a real blast!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Service is "Key" in Pleasing a Cranston, Rhode Island Neighbor

When a team member says, "Can I help you find what you're looking for?" it's always a possibility that the neighbor is going to be looking for something other than pet supplies!  Such was the case with neighbor Ann, who couldn't find her car keys anywhere.  Lois and the team in Cranston, Rhode Island did all they could to assist, as Ann wrote in her note to us...

On Monday, I visited your store in Cranston, RI to make a purchase of dog food. After checking out and leaving the store I could not locate my car keys. I searched my handbag several times, emptied the bags my purchases were in and still could not locate my keys. I went back into the store and asked if anyone had seen my keys. No. After researching my purchases, handbag and coat pockets I still could not find the keys. The store supervisor Lois asked if she could be of any assistance. She was so kind, understanding and patient working with me and called my home so someone could bring me my "spare" keys. Both she and the young lady at the register went over and above the call of duty in assisting me. Upon leaving the store she asked if I would call her and let her know if the keys were found ... they were and I did. I did not want the week to pass without letting you know that in such a negative situation, I received positive and courteous assistance. Hats off to Lois, her staff and your store in Cranston, RI.