Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Service in Niagara, New York is Just What the Neighbor Needs to Decide on a Crate for Her Pet

Our neighbor Susan shops frequently in our Niagara, New York store, but the fantastic help she received from team member Mark inspired her to write us.  Mark took the time to bring down the crate from a hard-to-reach spot and put it together for Susan, so she could see it and decide for herself if it was the right size for her pet.  And, of course, when she did, Mark did that PSP thing and carried it out to her car.  Here's Susan's response to that fabulous neighborly service:

Great work, Mark!
I just can't say enough about your customer service. Every single time I visit - which is often -  the cashiers and stock people are wonderful. But last night I needed to check out a crate. Not only did Mark crawl up a ladder to fetch it so I could look at the size, he then assembled the crate and carried it to my vehicle. I was totally blown away by that act of kindness and customer service. There are other pet stores right down the street but your store has won my loyalty by the sincere greetings, small town feel and helpfulness and knowledge of the folks working there. 

Thank you! 

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