Thursday, June 11, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Lake in the Hills, Illinois Team Leader Ensures a Happy Birthday for Young Neighbors

A young neighbor and her little niece had a great encounter with team leader Bill, who helped them out in an unexpected way.  The neighbor wrote to us:

Great work, Bill!
I went in to get my dog, Shadow, a bath.  I had to wait a while because there was a dog that was in front of us in line for the washroom.  We didn’t mind waiting, though, we walked around and looked at all the different foods and toys.  The employees all seemed cheerful and willing to help us if we needed anything.  

After we got our bath done, we checked out, and I took Shadow back to the car so she could wait there while I bought a beta fish for my niece’s birthday.  I picked one out and chatted a bit with Bill about the fish and my niece.  When it came to checking out, I tried to pay with $10 cash and the rest on my debit card, I apparently didn’t have enough in my account because it declined.  I stepped out of line to call my brother to transfer money into my account so I could get the fish.  While I was on the phone, Bill came up with the fish in hand and gave it to me.  Much to my surprise, he paid the rest of the bill for me, saying I could pay him back whenever I got the chance.  His kindness was overwhelming.  I shall remain loyal to Pet Supplies Plus because of his generosity.  And Shadow and I will definitely be coming back for weekly baths.

Kudos to Bill, who really went out of his way here to make sure this young neighbor had a birthday gift for her little niece.  And, I just got an email from him today completing this story.  He said, "Do you remember the neighbor who I helped a few weeks ago? The teenager and the little girl who wanted the beta fish for her birthday? Well she just came in to thank me again and she gave me a card and money to repay me. I would have given it back to her but I did not open it until she was gone!"

Our neighbors AND our PSP team members are just the best, aren't they?

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