Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and TRUSTWORTHY Team Member in Stow, Ohio Saves Neighbor Money with More Than Just Coupons....

Neighbor Melody wrote to tell us a terrific story about Mike in our Stow, Ohio location.  Melody has a companion animal to assist her due to a disability.  When she prepared to turn her year's receipts into the government in order to get a credit on her rent, she was told that the receipts would be rejected because the abbreviations for items purchased were not clear enough. So she turned to Mike, who immediately jumped into action:

Amazing way to go above and beyond, Mike!
To whom it may concern, I met an amazing assistant manager yesterday at store #68 (Stow, Ohio). I live in housing for people with disabilities. I was told to keep my receipts for my companion animal. When I took my receipts in I was told they couldn't accept them because of the abbreviations of the products I purchased. I called Mike and asked for help. He started working and making phone calls so he would know how to help me. We shared many calls. He listened as I cried with frustration. He calmed me kindly with his words and told me he wouldn't give up. 

He DIDN'T give up and found a way to help me. The paperwork was accepted by HUD and saved me money on my rent. I'm sending this e-mail because Mike went above and beyond for me yesterday and never got frustrated or said he couldn't help me. He kept trying. Please, let Mike know how special he is. No one has ever helped me like he did. His act of kindness should not go unnoticed! 

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