Thursday, June 4, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team Member in Grand Rapids, Michigan Helps Make Puppy Ownership a Breeze for First-Time Neighbors

Though not a first-time dog owner, Jared was surprised and delighted to encounter Cody and his wealth of new puppy knowledge at our Grand Rapids store on Alpine Avenue.  Jared's family adopted Bear after losing both a human and a canine family member.  The family's visit to Pet Supplies Plus added some happiness to their day, as Jared was quick to tell us:

A few months ago, my beloved father passed away and a week later my 9-year-old Labrador, Cooper, followed due to a pancreatic system failure.  My wife, my kids and I have been missing something out of our family and a few weeks ago we decided to let the kids adopt a new puppy.  As such, we brought our new puppy, Bear, (the kids named him) to this Pet Supplies Plus store, because we were in the area, though we've never been.  This was the best accidental visit I have ever had.  We were helped by Cody, who explained and showed us everything we need and taught us so much about our new puppy.  It may be the excitement from adopting a new puppy, but I have never had a more happy and informative experience in my shopping history.  Absolutely ask for Cody when you bring in your dog, he’s incredibly intelligent and very friendly and truly cares about you.  I truly believe my dog will live a much better life thanks to his knowledge and my family owes it to him and this store for being a place that feels like home for my dog as opposed to just a store.  The store is very beautiful and Bear looks forward to his next visit, unlike the vet!

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