Tuesday, June 9, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team in Virginia Beach Provides Assistance and Advice For Dog Owner

Neighbor Tammy wrote to let us know how helpful Ian and the Virginia Beach team are to her when she comes into the store for her very large batch of dog food.  Of course, we at Pet Supplies Plus like to carry every bag (no matter how heavy!) out to a neighbor's car any time we can, but, when you couple it with good dog nutrition knowledge and a weekly special order, it's a winning combination.  Tammy wrote to tell us how much she appreciates their service and knowledge:
I wanted to let you know how much I like your store in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Your staff is very attentive to my needs of my mobility being impaired. I can always count on Ian and his staff being very willing to help take my large orders out to my car for me. The dog food we feed our dogs is specially ordered for us each week from the staff, and they always have our order ready. I have four dogs, one that has grain allergies and one that is allergic to chicken. Finding one dog food that works for all four was tough. And we go through 24 lbs a week..

Thank you for having a good staff at this location. I see them often and they are always helpful.
Great work, Virginia Beach Team!

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  1. Love the consistently great service VA team. Keep it up!