Tuesday, June 30, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Service in Medina, OH Lands Rescue Turtle in a Loving Home

Our neighbor Linda set out to get a pet turtle for her grandson's birthday, but she didn't realize everything there was to learn about turtle ownership!  Anna not only helped Linda and her husband get all the necessary items for their new family member, she also connected them with a rescue group.  A lot of great knowledge and a phone call to a community rescue created a loyal neighbor who will continue to shop with PSP, AND a homeless pet has a new owner to love.  Linda writes:

Just want you to know how great Anna is at the Medina location. She walked us grandparents through getting all necessary items for our grandson's birthday. Then because you do not sell turtles Anna called around for us and gave us a phone number to call where we can buy a rescue turtle for Adam. Now he has a rescue dog so this whole experience has been very rewarding and we all have learned a lot about turtles thanks to Anna going over and beyond for us when she did not have to. Please let her know how much we appreciate her. She was always patient with us and never hurried us along. Never tried to push more purchases than was necessary (still spent over $200.00). She was great!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Service in Niagara, New York is Just What the Neighbor Needs to Decide on a Crate for Her Pet

Our neighbor Susan shops frequently in our Niagara, New York store, but the fantastic help she received from team member Mark inspired her to write us.  Mark took the time to bring down the crate from a hard-to-reach spot and put it together for Susan, so she could see it and decide for herself if it was the right size for her pet.  And, of course, when she did, Mark did that PSP thing and carried it out to her car.  Here's Susan's response to that fabulous neighborly service:

Great work, Mark!
I just can't say enough about your customer service. Every single time I visit - which is often -  the cashiers and stock people are wonderful. But last night I needed to check out a crate. Not only did Mark crawl up a ladder to fetch it so I could look at the size, he then assembled the crate and carried it to my vehicle. I was totally blown away by that act of kindness and customer service. There are other pet stores right down the street but your store has won my loyalty by the sincere greetings, small town feel and helpfulness and knowledge of the folks working there. 

Thank you! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

East Amherst, New York Team Conducts NEIGHBORLY Donation Drive for Local Cat Rescue

Our Pet Supplies Plus stores enjoy getting involved in the community, and one of the ways we do that is by partnering with local animal rescues.  Our East Amherst, New York store recently partnered with the Ten Lives Club cat rescue and adoption group to hold a food drive for their hungry feline residents.  Team Leader Liz wrote to tell us:

Last month our store held a food drive for our local cat rescue 10-Lives. The event was a huge success, thanks to a complete team effort by ALL our team members here. From donations from their customers, the store collected 177 bags of dry cat food and 2,282 cans of wet food with a total retail value of $2,755!   In addition, gift baskets were donated by the rescue's volunteers, area businesses that we have partnered with in the past, and some of our pet partners, too.

What a great way to be a part of the East Amherst neighborhood.  Congratulations to Liz and team for a job well done!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Hollywood, Florida Team Gives New Puppy Owner Confidence

Our neighbor Catherine wrote to tell us how appreciative she is of the team at the Pet Supplies Plus in Hollywood, Florida.  Her puppy, Mueller, was quite the handful and the Hollywood team greeted her with open arms and the answers to her dozens of questions.  She wrote:

Dear Pet Supplies Plus, About 10 months ago I became a loyal customer with my new puppy Mueller. I was as inexperienced as they come and with a new labrador retriever with some really bad habits I needed more than just dog food from the pet store. I needed (and still do) TONS OF ADVICE. I am taking the time today to let you know about the staff at the Hollywood Pet Supplies Plus. I walk in just about every other week for food, treats, toys, and supplements for my (now two) labs. Allan and the customer service team welcome my family every week with open arms, ask to make suggestions, answer our 100 questions. No matter how bananas our requests were the previous week, they greet us as if we were old friends. Allan and the rest of team, have been there when we took in our newest rescue and every time our pups have been sick. While other people forget to make it to the pet store, we look forward to it. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the entire team for being there and being the best customer service staff ever! - Catherine, Jonathan and the entire furry family.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PET-CENTRIC Owners Rick and Gloria Sands Throw a Retirement Party for Their Feline "Team Members"

Pet Supplies Plus team members Charlie and Chloe had such a great retirement party that it was covered in the local newspaper.

At the Goldsboro Pet Supplies Plus location, Charlie and Chloe were kind of a big deal.  You see, Charlie had been with the company for fourteen years, and Chloe for about eleven, each serving in the position of "loyal shop cat" since being rescued as kittens.

According to franchise owner Gloria Sands, who was interviewed in the Goldsboro News-Argus, Chloe and Charlie will be able to rest a little easier without the distractions of the store.  "A home is different than a store," she told columnist Kirsten Ballard.  Charlie is enjoying retirement with Gloria and her husband Rick in their home, and Chloe is living with a former team member, who also happens to own Chloe's sister.

Neighbors were invited to come and say goodbye to the cats during a four-hour party that featured a cake with photo both Chloe's and Charlie's face "photoshopped into one cat."  It was a grand send-off and, while neighbors are disappointed that Chloe and Charlie aren't hopping into their carts for "ride-alongs," it's clear that the feline pair have earned the right to some rest.

Congratulations to Chloe and Charlie on their retirement, and hats off to the Sands and their terrific team at the Goldsboro, North Carolina location for the years of love and care they gave to their two favorite team members.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Lake in the Hills, Illinois Team Leader Ensures a Happy Birthday for Young Neighbors

A young neighbor and her little niece had a great encounter with team leader Bill, who helped them out in an unexpected way.  The neighbor wrote to us:

Great work, Bill!
I went in to get my dog, Shadow, a bath.  I had to wait a while because there was a dog that was in front of us in line for the washroom.  We didn’t mind waiting, though, we walked around and looked at all the different foods and toys.  The employees all seemed cheerful and willing to help us if we needed anything.  

After we got our bath done, we checked out, and I took Shadow back to the car so she could wait there while I bought a beta fish for my niece’s birthday.  I picked one out and chatted a bit with Bill about the fish and my niece.  When it came to checking out, I tried to pay with $10 cash and the rest on my debit card, I apparently didn’t have enough in my account because it declined.  I stepped out of line to call my brother to transfer money into my account so I could get the fish.  While I was on the phone, Bill came up with the fish in hand and gave it to me.  Much to my surprise, he paid the rest of the bill for me, saying I could pay him back whenever I got the chance.  His kindness was overwhelming.  I shall remain loyal to Pet Supplies Plus because of his generosity.  And Shadow and I will definitely be coming back for weekly baths.

Kudos to Bill, who really went out of his way here to make sure this young neighbor had a birthday gift for her little niece.  And, I just got an email from him today completing this story.  He said, "Do you remember the neighbor who I helped a few weeks ago? The teenager and the little girl who wanted the beta fish for her birthday? Well she just came in to thank me again and she gave me a card and money to repay me. I would have given it back to her but I did not open it until she was gone!"

Our neighbors AND our PSP team members are just the best, aren't they?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team in Virginia Beach Provides Assistance and Advice For Dog Owner

Neighbor Tammy wrote to let us know how helpful Ian and the Virginia Beach team are to her when she comes into the store for her very large batch of dog food.  Of course, we at Pet Supplies Plus like to carry every bag (no matter how heavy!) out to a neighbor's car any time we can, but, when you couple it with good dog nutrition knowledge and a weekly special order, it's a winning combination.  Tammy wrote to tell us how much she appreciates their service and knowledge:
I wanted to let you know how much I like your store in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Your staff is very attentive to my needs of my mobility being impaired. I can always count on Ian and his staff being very willing to help take my large orders out to my car for me. The dog food we feed our dogs is specially ordered for us each week from the staff, and they always have our order ready. I have four dogs, one that has grain allergies and one that is allergic to chicken. Finding one dog food that works for all four was tough. And we go through 24 lbs a week..

Thank you for having a good staff at this location. I see them often and they are always helpful.
Great work, Virginia Beach Team!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team Member in Grand Rapids, Michigan Helps Make Puppy Ownership a Breeze for First-Time Neighbors

Though not a first-time dog owner, Jared was surprised and delighted to encounter Cody and his wealth of new puppy knowledge at our Grand Rapids store on Alpine Avenue.  Jared's family adopted Bear after losing both a human and a canine family member.  The family's visit to Pet Supplies Plus added some happiness to their day, as Jared was quick to tell us:

A few months ago, my beloved father passed away and a week later my 9-year-old Labrador, Cooper, followed due to a pancreatic system failure.  My wife, my kids and I have been missing something out of our family and a few weeks ago we decided to let the kids adopt a new puppy.  As such, we brought our new puppy, Bear, (the kids named him) to this Pet Supplies Plus store, because we were in the area, though we've never been.  This was the best accidental visit I have ever had.  We were helped by Cody, who explained and showed us everything we need and taught us so much about our new puppy.  It may be the excitement from adopting a new puppy, but I have never had a more happy and informative experience in my shopping history.  Absolutely ask for Cody when you bring in your dog, he’s incredibly intelligent and very friendly and truly cares about you.  I truly believe my dog will live a much better life thanks to his knowledge and my family owes it to him and this store for being a place that feels like home for my dog as opposed to just a store.  The store is very beautiful and Bear looks forward to his next visit, unlike the vet!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and TRUSTWORTHY Team Member in Stow, Ohio Saves Neighbor Money with More Than Just Coupons....

Neighbor Melody wrote to tell us a terrific story about Mike in our Stow, Ohio location.  Melody has a companion animal to assist her due to a disability.  When she prepared to turn her year's receipts into the government in order to get a credit on her rent, she was told that the receipts would be rejected because the abbreviations for items purchased were not clear enough. So she turned to Mike, who immediately jumped into action:

Amazing way to go above and beyond, Mike!
To whom it may concern, I met an amazing assistant manager yesterday at store #68 (Stow, Ohio). I live in housing for people with disabilities. I was told to keep my receipts for my companion animal. When I took my receipts in I was told they couldn't accept them because of the abbreviations of the products I purchased. I called Mike and asked for help. He started working and making phone calls so he would know how to help me. We shared many calls. He listened as I cried with frustration. He calmed me kindly with his words and told me he wouldn't give up. 

He DIDN'T give up and found a way to help me. The paperwork was accepted by HUD and saved me money on my rent. I'm sending this e-mail because Mike went above and beyond for me yesterday and never got frustrated or said he couldn't help me. He kept trying. Please, let Mike know how special he is. No one has ever helped me like he did. His act of kindness should not go unnoticed!