Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TRUSTWORTHY Efforts to Correct a Mistake Win Neighbor's Loyalty in Ashburn, Virginia

A trustworthy response from our Ashburn, Virginia team leader on an overcharge was noteworthy for Neighbor Candace, and just the kind of service that impressed her and keeps her coming back to the store.  She wrote to tell us all about this experience and others:

I absolutely love this place!  The staff is always very friendly, and I have never encountered a mess in the store.  The self-service dog wash is my favorite feature.  Having two large dogs, it is well worth the $10 to wash them with the professional utilities they offer here!  They also have a great selection of dog food brands, including many holistic and raw food options.

To top it off, their customer service is exceptional!  I had an issue once where I was accidentally overcharged.  When I contacted the manager about it, she was incredibly kind and not only refunded me the money that I had overpaid, but recognized that I was a frequent customer AND gave me a gift card for the inconvenience!  On another occasion, I bought a bag of dog food that was on sale for 50% off, because the expiration date was coming up (my dogs go through a large bag of food in about a week and a half, otherwise I wouldn’t buy “reduced for quick sale” food for them).  When the cashier checked the date, she said that she would be able to make it 75% off.  Obviously, I was going to buy the food anyway, and this was just her going above and beyond what I would expect!  They truly seem to care more about making their customers happy than making a few extra dollars, and that will keep me coming back!

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