Tuesday, May 5, 2015

St. Marys, Georgia Team Member Gives KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY Advice That Makes a Difference to a Beloved Pet's Health

Neighbor Nella wrote a review of our store in St Marys, Georgia, and had great things to say about our products and services.  In addition, she talked about her dog, Jaxson, and some health issues he’d been having.  Turns out, team member David was there to help, and he was spot-on in his knowledgeable recommendation.  Nella tells us:

Extra great service from staff, they know their stuff when it comes to pets!  I am pleasantly impressed with how consistently their customer service is on point.

On this visit I was concerned about my li’l guy, Jaxson.  His normal food brand had recently had a recall on one of its other products, so naturally I was hesitant to continue using the product.  I discussed with an employee (David) who began asking me questions about Jaxson.  Does he seem itchy, does he cough some, are his teeth beginning to have more plaque build up?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Instantly he suggested it was the corn in his diet.  He suggested a comparable priced alternative with a guarantee that I could return it if Jaxson seemed displeased or symptoms remained.  He didn’t immediately suggest the highest priced item – although it was a option.  I was impressed that he chose options within the same price range we were previously buying, more in the mid-range prices.  He explained the differences in the foods from expensive to inexpensive.

He also suggested treats they were promoting and sent us with samples (we went back and bought the full size bag days later). …

At Jaxson’s next vet visit I discussed those questions and the food change with the vet and sure enough, the employee (David) was completely correct. …

I would recommend this store and its staff to everyone!  We are very lucky to have this store, its top notch employees.  Job most well done, guys!

This is just a portion the review Nella posted on Yelp, which can be found here.

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