Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everyday NEIGHBORLY Service at Our Concord, NC Store Makes a Great Impression

What's more charming than a hermit crab named Sheldon?  A neighbor who takes the time to write in and tell us what our neighborly service means to her!  Kimberley may not know that our policy is to carry heavy items out to the car for all of our neighbors, but even if it's a standard operational procedure for us, it really makes a difference for her.  She wrote to tell us how much the team at our Concord, NC store impressed her:
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the employees of my local store in Concord, NC are just the best.
I haven't been going there too very long but every time they are so nice and helpful. They all really seem to enjoy their job.
Last time I was there I had first ordered food at one of the restaurants just two doors down the sidewalk and went to get my pet food while waiting. Just so you know I walk with a cane and can only go short distances before my back gives out.
I'd bought a big bag of cat food, crickets and mouse food (I have a real diverse bunch of "children" including hermits crabs all named after The Big Bang Theory!). Anyway I asked if someone wouldn't mind carrying the cat food to my car because even though the restaurant is very close I'd have a hard time pushing the buggy out and back and then to get my food and back to my car.
They were so nice about it. Not like a lot of stores who would give you that "okay if I have to" kind if attitude. Well at your store I had two employees happily volunteer. One young man had the bag in his hand when the young lady came up and said she'd just washed her hands and she would take it. We started laughing about how they were fighting over me. It was funny. The girl won out and bless her heart she just let me point out my car so I didn't have to walk any further.

I know this was kind of long but I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how much I appreciate all the young people who work at your store. It's a nice feeling to be greeted with smiles and salutations and be offered help too. I'm glad I found them!

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