Thursday, May 28, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Advice on Large Breeds Wins Neighbor Loyalty in Lafayette, Indiana

Excellent job, Gloria!
Giant breed puppies mean giant amounts of love!  Neighbor Margaret headed off to our competitor hoping to get some good information about the not-so-little bundle of joy arriving at her house the following week, but came away empty-handed.  Margaret then headed to Pet Supplies Plus.  Of course, Gloria was there to tell her everything she needed to know about food for her new puppy, and ensured future conversations with her contact information and a free dog-wash coupon.  Margaret was delighted when she wrote us:

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your store in Lafayette! I went to Petsmart to ask questions about food I need for my puppy i'm picking up next week but no one seemed to know anything about giant breed puppies so I went to Pet Supplies Plus. I was impressed with Gloria's knowledge on giant breed dogs! She took the time to explain why certain foods are better than others. She even gave me her business card and a free coupon for the self service dog wash! I will definitely be shopping here in the future! Thanks again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Delaware, Ohio Team Members Goes the Extra Mile to Find Neighbor an A-DOG-Able Outfit!

When our neighbor Lisam came into the Delaware, Ohio Pet Supplies Plus store, she wanted to buy a collar and leash. Thanks to team member Taylor's assistance and enthusiasm over dog outfits, the neighbor left with a great costume for her Havanese as well.  Taylor was so neighborly she went digging through unopened boxes to make sure Lisam's dog was dressed to the nines.  Lisam told us:

I asked Taylor H. (I believe "H" the initial of her last name) for some help with dog outfits. She stopped what she was doing, and immediately went to work to help me find the cute dog costume I wanted in the right size for my little Havanese. Taylor told me that the store had just gotten a new box of dog clothes that were still in an unopened box in the back. She ran to the back, cut it open, and helped me search for something adorable to buy my little dog. Although we never found that EXACT original outfit, I left the store with something even cuter thanks to Taylor H.! I should probably mention I walked in the store intending to buy just a collar and a leash. I ended up buying so much more due to Taylor's great service and your great selections. I've been a dog owner for nearly 15 years, and have shopped for dog supplies at ALL of the "big box" pet retailers, small pet boutiques, and even several apps and websites over the years. I'm absolutely a loyal Pet Supplies Plus customer after my experience today with Taylor H.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

TRUSTWORTHY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Groomer in Defiance, Ohio Earns Loyal Neighbor with Great Service

Our team members at Pet Supplies Plus do great things every day as a matter of practice.  Kim in Defiance, Ohio likes to send every dog home looking fabulous, but for our neighbor Rachel, that every-day work really makes a difference, because her dog is a special part of her family.  Kim takes time with Dakota, and for Rachel, that really counts.  Rachel told us: 

I love taking my dog, Dakota, to the groomers at Pet Supplies. I love Kim who is his groomer and she always takes really good care of him. He comes home all nice and clean and looks 100% better. I also like the fact that any time I have a concern, she answers my questions without patronizing me. Dakota is not my first dog, but he is my first pet that I have grown very attached to. He's my baby. I appreciate Kim and her services very much. I am going to miss her when we move to Michigan. I am glad that we have a Pet Supplies Plus here in town. It has been a real lifesaver for us. Dakota likes them too even though he is a Nervous Nelly sometimes. ;o)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TRUSTWORTHY Efforts to Correct a Mistake Win Neighbor's Loyalty in Ashburn, Virginia

A trustworthy response from our Ashburn, Virginia team leader on an overcharge was noteworthy for Neighbor Candace, and just the kind of service that impressed her and keeps her coming back to the store.  She wrote to tell us all about this experience and others:

I absolutely love this place!  The staff is always very friendly, and I have never encountered a mess in the store.  The self-service dog wash is my favorite feature.  Having two large dogs, it is well worth the $10 to wash them with the professional utilities they offer here!  They also have a great selection of dog food brands, including many holistic and raw food options.

To top it off, their customer service is exceptional!  I had an issue once where I was accidentally overcharged.  When I contacted the manager about it, she was incredibly kind and not only refunded me the money that I had overpaid, but recognized that I was a frequent customer AND gave me a gift card for the inconvenience!  On another occasion, I bought a bag of dog food that was on sale for 50% off, because the expiration date was coming up (my dogs go through a large bag of food in about a week and a half, otherwise I wouldn’t buy “reduced for quick sale” food for them).  When the cashier checked the date, she said that she would be able to make it 75% off.  Obviously, I was going to buy the food anyway, and this was just her going above and beyond what I would expect!  They truly seem to care more about making their customers happy than making a few extra dollars, and that will keep me coming back!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everyday NEIGHBORLY Service at Our Concord, NC Store Makes a Great Impression

What's more charming than a hermit crab named Sheldon?  A neighbor who takes the time to write in and tell us what our neighborly service means to her!  Kimberley may not know that our policy is to carry heavy items out to the car for all of our neighbors, but even if it's a standard operational procedure for us, it really makes a difference for her.  She wrote to tell us how much the team at our Concord, NC store impressed her:
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the employees of my local store in Concord, NC are just the best.
I haven't been going there too very long but every time they are so nice and helpful. They all really seem to enjoy their job.
Last time I was there I had first ordered food at one of the restaurants just two doors down the sidewalk and went to get my pet food while waiting. Just so you know I walk with a cane and can only go short distances before my back gives out.
I'd bought a big bag of cat food, crickets and mouse food (I have a real diverse bunch of "children" including hermits crabs all named after The Big Bang Theory!). Anyway I asked if someone wouldn't mind carrying the cat food to my car because even though the restaurant is very close I'd have a hard time pushing the buggy out and back and then to get my food and back to my car.
They were so nice about it. Not like a lot of stores who would give you that "okay if I have to" kind if attitude. Well at your store I had two employees happily volunteer. One young man had the bag in his hand when the young lady came up and said she'd just washed her hands and she would take it. We started laughing about how they were fighting over me. It was funny. The girl won out and bless her heart she just let me point out my car so I didn't have to walk any further.

I know this was kind of long but I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how much I appreciate all the young people who work at your store. It's a nice feeling to be greeted with smiles and salutations and be offered help too. I'm glad I found them!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Service Makes South Lyon Team - And Their Leader - Stand Out

Neighbor Caitlin wrote to tell us how impressed she was with the neighborly service she received in our South Lyon, Michigan store.  Patrick, South Lyon's team leader, particularly impressed her when he jumped in and started clipping nails in the short-staffed grooming room.  And he runs a great store, too!  She told us:

Hi, my name is Caitlin I wanted to let the company know how great of a store the South Lyon store is. I take my dog and also my grandmother's dogs to this location. The manger at this store goes above and beyond. When you guys offered pamper your dog day with the free nail trims. One of the groomers called off and the other one was trying to groom the appointments. The manger stepped right in and started clipping all the dogs nails. To me that is above and beyond. I worked in retail for 5 years and never had a manger come help us. 

When you walk in the store no matter what time of the day the cashier greets you. There is always employees asking if you need help. The manger was also so nice I brought my dog in on his birthday he was so excited to see him took the time to greet him and play with him. To me is very important since we take our dog for socializing. I also do get my dog groomed there and they do a great job and my little one loves going. I have done tons of the surveys but I wanted to let you know more how great this store is. We love going and our dog loves getting new toys or bones! 

Thank you,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, PET-CENTRIC, TRUSTWORTHY, NEIGHBORLY Service in our Brooklyn, Ohio Store - Nothing Fishy About It!

Neighbor April wrote in to tell us about her outstanding experience in our Brooklyn, Ohio store.  Turns out, she and her husband were looking for some guidance on their fish tank, and Alyssa was right there to help.  She offered very knowledgeable and trustworthy advice about the fish and their optimal environment, but then she went even farther to assure that our neighbor was able to achieve her goals with one product instead of two or three.  April told us:

Great work, Alyssa!
I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service my husband I received from Alyssa. We shop at your Ridge Road (Brooklyn, OH) store often and always feel our business is appreciated. On one particular occasion, Alyssa helped us with testing the pH balance, nitrates, ammonia, etc. in preparation for resuming use of our aquarium. Her knowledge of products available to help create a viable ecosystem for our fish is very impressive. Her concern for our finding the right product versus multiple products is highly appreciated. She suggested one product and informed us that some other stores may try to sell us several products that does the same job as Microbe-Lift Special Blend. Although you do not carry this product and we had to purchase it from one of your competitors, our search for a store that carried this proved Alyssa's words true. A staff member at two of the three stores we visited recommended three different products working in conjunction with each other. Alyssa provided great customer service. She is friendly, always polite and upbeat. She has an obvious love for animals and her commitment to outstanding customer service is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank the entire staff. Everyone is helpful and always greets us when we enter the store and/or says hi and asks if we need assistance as we are shopping. We thank you for your wonderful customer service, Alyssa!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

St. Marys, Georgia Team Member Gives KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY Advice That Makes a Difference to a Beloved Pet's Health

Neighbor Nella wrote a review of our store in St Marys, Georgia, and had great things to say about our products and services.  In addition, she talked about her dog, Jaxson, and some health issues he’d been having.  Turns out, team member David was there to help, and he was spot-on in his knowledgeable recommendation.  Nella tells us:

Extra great service from staff, they know their stuff when it comes to pets!  I am pleasantly impressed with how consistently their customer service is on point.

On this visit I was concerned about my li’l guy, Jaxson.  His normal food brand had recently had a recall on one of its other products, so naturally I was hesitant to continue using the product.  I discussed with an employee (David) who began asking me questions about Jaxson.  Does he seem itchy, does he cough some, are his teeth beginning to have more plaque build up?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Instantly he suggested it was the corn in his diet.  He suggested a comparable priced alternative with a guarantee that I could return it if Jaxson seemed displeased or symptoms remained.  He didn’t immediately suggest the highest priced item – although it was a option.  I was impressed that he chose options within the same price range we were previously buying, more in the mid-range prices.  He explained the differences in the foods from expensive to inexpensive.

He also suggested treats they were promoting and sent us with samples (we went back and bought the full size bag days later). …

At Jaxson’s next vet visit I discussed those questions and the food change with the vet and sure enough, the employee (David) was completely correct. …

I would recommend this store and its staff to everyone!  We are very lucky to have this store, its top notch employees.  Job most well done, guys!

This is just a portion the review Nella posted on Yelp, which can be found here.