Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PET-CENTRIC, TRUSTWORTHY Centreville, Virginia Team Makes a Difference for a Sweet Old Guy

As our pets get older, they require more love and more patience from us.  Such was the case with Neighbor Brian's samoyed, who was a bit overly excited when his dad came home after being away on business.  Owners get a little panicked when they think they might be only a few steps away from losing their best furry friends, but in this case the Centreville, Virginia team made the best of a traumatic situation.  Brian told us:

I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing staff when I brought my samoyed in for grooming. My first child and best friend is sadly at an old age and he fell down and urinated all over the place when I came home from business travel. It took an hour just to get him calmed down so I could get him in the car and I dropped by at 8:30 PM to clean him up and try to make him more comfortable. Your staff was so amazing they helped me out to hold him up (he was quite shaken up) and even kept the store open an extra half hour to help me out. They really helped to calm him down and pet him since he even in old age loves the attention. I can't thank the staff enough that evening since it was way beyond the call of duty. Luckily my little guy is a better under control and while he can't walk the best I wanted to make sure they knew we are going to fight for him till the day he doesn't seem happy or he tells us it his time to go. I thought it was going to be last Wednesday but with some love from your staff he had a great rest of the week. Thank you once again and I wanted to personally thank the three very kind girls that evening. It meant a lot to me.

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