Thursday, April 23, 2015

PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY Attention To a Sick Guinea Pig (and more!) Make a Mom's Day in Canton, Ohio

It looks like Courtney and the whole Canton, Ohio team are stepping up to help out a Mom and her daughter get to know and understand small animals as pets.  Neighbor Jennifer wrote us a touching note to let us know about her experience:

I have to sing the praises of your employees, especially noting the efforts of team members Jennifer, Courtney and Desiree, as well as honorable mention regarding cashier Jennifer and Nick in your Canton store. Their exemplary efforts keep my daughter and I as regular customers. Any time there has ever been an issue, your staff have made every effort to make it right.

Recently, we purchased a guinea pig and found that he was ill. They took him back and had him treated by the vet whose services are associated with that store. Courtney took it upon herself to be responsible for our little guy until he was well and did an amazing job. Even spending her break time to make sure we were taken care of and giving our little guy his medicine while we were there to visit him.  We've seen Courtney working with other customers as well as tending to the stock of animals on site. She's great with both. Going as far as allowing my little girl to get to know the ferrets and showing her not to fear, letting her touch a snake. That means a lot being that my little girl is sick and those kinds of moments are special to us. I just thought someone should know you have a few very good people in your team at the Canton store. 

Thank you,

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