Thursday, April 2, 2015

Buffalo, NY Team Member Makes Impression on Neighbor with NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Service

Our neighbor India received superior service in our Buffalo, New York store when she needed help with her children's new pet rabbit.  She ran into Deja, who was extremely helpful.  She not only connected her with rabbit expert Trish (not pictured but equally awesome), but then helped India with the bus schedule when she found herself stranded at the PSP.  India told us:

For Christmas I got a rabbit (Prince Reese Cup) for my children, because our baby Channel (guinea pig) passed away a little over a year or so ago. So I have recently moved in this area and found this pet supply store on Delaware. Yesterday I was there for some time looking for supplies and I was looking to speak with someone who had knowledge on rabbits. Deja immediately let me know that Trish had just come in for her shift and she would be the best person to talk to and directed her to me. We discussed food, which thankfully she showed me that the fresh food is better in bulk and pricing, bedding/litter, cages and toys,which was priceless due to the constant chewing on my shoes. She was a tremendous help to my little family and our needs, even trimming his nails. To top it off Deja was very sweet, a great people person, sociable, helpful. My ride fell threw and she was able to give me the bus info to this area. I can appreciate the care and going above and beyond to help when you're passionate about what you do. Please let them know their hard work matters! Thanks again.

P.S. We love the cage we got, it's spacious and really nice!

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